Top 10 Best Electric Skateboard Brands – Buyer’s Guide

With the advancement of this world and its technology, electric skateboards are considered to be one of the shocking inventions that have added much ease to everyone’s life. It is an outstanding compact-sized vehicle that …

Top 10 Best Electric Skateboard Brands

With the advancement of this world and its technology, electric skateboards are considered to be one of the shocking inventions that have added much ease to everyone’s life. It is an outstanding compact-sized vehicle that could be placed anywhere without being worried about finding a large area for its parking. It is proved to be the most convenient vehicle for transportation purposes too.

Nowadays, people are moving towards the purchase of electric skateboards instead of other vehicles as far as they have found that skateboards are much easy to ride and carry. Once you have learned to maintain your balance on the electric skateboard, your passion for playing tricks on it would surely rise. So, riding on electric skateboards is an outstanding creative fun that is out of the competition. Enjoy the trendy way on the trendy vehicle to skate long distances and climbing hills.

As the popularity of electric skateboards is increasing extensively, the introduction of new and new electric skateboard brands is happening these days a lot. There is severe competition raised among all the older and latest skateboard brands that are convincing them to construct high-quality electric skateboards as much as possible. The best quality they offer to the people, the more they achieve popularity soon.

Furthermore, this competition also has produced a great impact on the price tags of electric skateboards. Those brands that offer expensive electric skateboards are trying to give high-quality at fewer prices to become riders’ most recommendable brand.

So take some time to know about ten leading skateboard brands in the market. We have extracted the popular ones who are continuously trying to meet audience requirements, and are struggling to dive their roots strongly in the skateboards’ market ground to become the long-lasting leading best electric skateboard brand and riders’ ‘number one choice!

List Of Best Electric Skateboard Brands 2021:

Let’s See the best brand of electric skateboard, Visit the List of the Best Brands of electric skateboard.


1. Skatebolt electric skateboard:

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Breeze IISkatebolt electric skateboard brand is a high-tech company, having professional designers who create unique and top designs of skateboards. The efforts of the specialized team construct the super-fantastic machinery of the vehicle that could offer a smoother ride every time.

It has almost been four years of set up of Skatebolt customer care service in Los Angeles. This proves that for a long time this company is serving its customers with an outstanding riding experience. Their skateboards are well-designed and well-constructed having a powerful motor to deal with all the hindrances that come your way.

Skatebolt offers a variety of skateboards for all age groups to help all the people enjoy the pleasure of smooth riding. This electric skateboard brand ensures the full safety of the riders in their skateboards along with affordable prices.

As their electric boards’ quality speaks a lot, there are few things you should take care of with your Skatebolt electric skateboard to allow it to become your long-time partner. The capability of its electric skateboards to cope up with the rainy situation is extremely enthusiastic. But, you should try not to ride on your Skatebolt e-board when the water reaches approximately 1/3rd of its motor.

Furthermore, Climbing is fun on them but doing it for a longer period could cause damage to the battery of the boards. Also, the company has recommended avoiding direct contact with sunlight on the electric skateboard to keep the board safe for a longer time. If you just take care of these few things with your Skatebolt electric skateboards, your vehicle will surely be at your side for years.

The brand has added all the qualities in its board that could help you enjoy easy riding on all terrains without getting distracted on rough roads. One can cover long distances on these electric skateboards within a shorter time by the grace of high-quality motors and powerful batteries.

The dual power motors are equipped in the faster Skatebolt electric skateboards to offer a joyful, high-speed ride to the advanced riders. The LED Lights help to ride during night times is also one of the advancements made in its’ skateboards.

Skatebolt is continuously putting efforts into the improvisation of its electric skateboards to bring more attractive and versatile variety. So, we can say that Skatebolt is one of those electric skateboard brands that are indulged in growing the trend of skateboarding by offering superb, attractive, powerful, versatile electric skateboards.

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2. Backfire Electric Skateboard:

Backfire G2T Galaxy Electric SkateboardAnother popular electric skateboard brand that is ruling the hearts of thousands of people is the “Backfire.” In 2009, Randy and Jerry together founded the Backfire skateboards to provide the world with the fastest delivering, affordable high-quality electric skateboards.

Randy is a dedicated and passionate skateboarder who is an engineer who completed his graduation from the East China University of Science and Technology. His Partner Jerry completed his master’s in the United States and now both are leading this reputable company so strategically. Their prior goal is to offer the most affordable, high-performance electric skateboard to the riders all around the work.

Both of them worked hard to get stepped into this field of manufacturing Backfire electric skateboards and finally got their first best electric skateboard “G1” done by the year 2012. Their efforts and time returned them a fruitful result by 2013 and make people fall in love with the best quality electric skateboard by Backfire. They didn’t stop their struggle and kept on improvisation to offer more power, versatility, and better design in their electric skateboards.

After the huge success of G1, they also designed Backfire G2 that is the most ideal and affordable electric skateboard for beginners. Its 96mm wheels, highly responsive deck, and great battery help beginners smoothly ride over the long rough streets. A pack of smooth braking, acceleration, and a pleasing design!

Backfire main warehouses where there manufactures the parts of the boards are established in Shenzhen China and the service centers of Backfire are in Germany. They manufacture their skateboards with the best-quality equipment to make them long-lasting, responsive, and safer.

It is one of the most reputable electric skateboard brands whose popularity is rapidly increasing. They have manufactured an ample variety of skateboards to withstand with different demands of riders. They offer the best quality in all their skateboards for beginners, intermediate, and expert skateboarders.

Thus, you can freely trust ‘Backfire’ when you are going to purchase an electric skateboard and you will surely become a fan of your vehicle!

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3. Meepo Electric Skateboard:

Meepo is another one of the favorite electric skateboard brands of people all over the world. Since the first electric skateboard establishment done in 2017 by Kieran Mao, heis still now struggling for the betterment of the Meepo skateboards.

A headquarter of Meepo Boards is located in Shenzhen China. Their company received a lot of positive reviews at the beginning of their establishment and within 2 years, won the hearts of more than 60,000 riders in over more than 70 countries.

Kieran Mao was working as an engineer. As Kieran Mao made his first electric skateboard named V1.5, the fan following got started earlier within those days. He showcased his board video that took riders’ choice by a storm of buying the same board.

The video was caught by several riders who were impatiently finding an excellent board that could meet their needs. People loved how he enjoys a comfortable ride on a concave deck and its demand rose to a higher extent. At that time, the founder decided to gather up the qualified professionals to begin their brand and take it up to the sky.

The company is growing extensively every month and introducing new and better several models each year. American and European professionals have also joined their teams recently. By looking at the success on large scale, the Meepo boards have started to organize group rides, even co-founding the International Eskate Day.

As Meepo is not that much an older brand, it has a lot of satisfied customers today. It is genuinely an impressive point of the company that let them deal with the boosted order volume for their electric skateboards rising from all over the world.

The main aim of the Meepo electric skateboard brand is to bring multiple varieties for everyone to help them fulfill their different needs. In your price range, you will surely get your best-suited electric skateboard as they offer high-quality at affordable prices.

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4. Exway Electric Skateboard:

Exway Electric SkateboardExway brand was founded in 2016 by two X-sports enthusiasts with the best concept of “Born for Freedom.” From that time till now, the brand is continuously winning hearts for its safest and coolest collection. Whatever kind of ride you want, all you can experience is on their multiple versatile electric skateboards.

They started with an aim to provide the most convenient vehicles to the people who love to explore the world and are passionate to learn skateboarding skills. Thus, they want to induce that kind of magic in their electric skateboards to let people cheer the fun of real freedom and live their dreams.

The brand has developed multiple varieties of skateboards, mainly those smart ones that are extremely incredible for thrilling short rides. It doesn’t only focus on the technical innovation in their skateboards but also strived hard to introduce the traditional culture designs in their electric skateboards too. These are the main reasons due to which this brand is ruling the market for more than five years.

This electric skateboard brand has vast popularity worldwide, not just because of its versatile construction, but also the uniqueness of their skateboards’ design and performance. Their perfect constructions aim to provide riders an ever-lasting fun cruising experience, and they are fulfilling it up to an extensive extent.

Not only their production is remarkable, but their responsive customer service is also a positive point due to which the brand is attracting more buyers daily. They serve their customers well and try to solve their problems within a short time for their satisfaction. Keeping the customers happy is also one of their foremost goals.

So, if you looking for a high-value collection of electric skateboards, choosing from an impressive variety offered by the Exway electric skateboard brand would be a fantastic turning point for your passion. Discover your talent in playing skateboarding tricks with your extremely convenient and fastest skateboards. You can surely experience a professional skateboarding experience when your partner is “Exway!”

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5. Metroboard Electric Skateboard:

Metroboard Electric SkateboardMetroboard being one of the reputable skateboarding brands in the market doesn’t have occupied an ordinary place. It has a special place in the market as well as in the hearts of the people who are or have already utilized their products. It is one of the oldest brands serving for 17 years, guaranteeing for providing strong, premium-quality, super-supportive skateboards.

Ilan Sabar, the founder of the Metroboard, was a mechanical engineer from Stanford. He used to work for Hewlett-Packard that he left in 2004 to shift to Portland, Oregon. There he founded the company and began his struggle to construct the most responsive skateboard. The fruitful results came out when the first Metroboard was sold in 2007.

Many positive reviews from the customers for providing them with robust and reliable skateboards ultimately increased Ilan’s satisfaction and motivation towards selling on a large scale nationwide. Later he moved to Israel to fulfill his goal and by 2012, he got a partner of his work named Alan Shibata for looking over the mechanical designs also with managing the oversee production.

The business got rapid growth and the company started to spend a lot of money for improvisation of their skateboards. The big money resulted in unbelievable responsive electric skateboards of number 1 quality. It is not like other inexpensive skateboards that ride well but don’t offer reliability and durability. Their products are of top-line for the ones who could afford it and relax and enjoy the rest.

Yes, it is a fact that Metroboard could be afforded by every person as the quality it carries inside needs a lot of investment on the production. Its quality has a lot of differences when compared with the other brands leading in the market with their fewer prices. And, this electric skateboard brand open-heartedly invested to construct a super-fast, fascinating, responsive, and versatile collection to offer long-lasting peace of mind to the riders, but at more cost.

Ilan with his unflagging struggle took his Metroboard brand towards the higher steps of success and finally in 2021, handed over his company to his partner, Alan Shibata, and a fellow friend. Both of them leading the brand well and taking a lot of interest to make their brand more and more successful day by day!

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6. Evolve Electric Skateboard:

Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT Series Electric SkateboardThe beginning of Evolve was not an easy way to cover as its founder, Jeff Anning and his family suffered a lot. Jeff Anning lived in Gold Coast where he was searching for an outstanding tool to unwind. In his search, he got to know about electric skateboards in 2008. He found this vehicle so interesting that he started to find the best electric skateboard on the internet.

With extensive research, he brought an electric skateboard to experience the ultimate fun of a skateboarding ride. But, as just he had ridden on the skateboard, only disappointments were on his way. He discovered the low-quality of deck, wheels, and trucks of his electric skateboard as well as lacking quality in many brands’ skateboards that leads to his motivation to prepare the much better quality than that one. He wanted to provide skateboarding lovers a responsive and professional riding experience.

At the time, he began to create a mechanical design and spent three years creating the highest possible quality parts of an electric skateboard. He sold his house to give a design a face of the electric skateboard in real. The first sale happened just within 2 weeks and from that time, the beginning of the most reputable brand “Evolve” took place.

This is how a single man’s passion created a substantial revolution in the market with the introduction of reliable, fastest, comfortable, and safer electric skateboards.

Evolve with its fastest-growing popularity has all varieties, suitable for all age groups. All Evolve electric skateboards are equipped with premium quality parts, and remarkable design to offer a smoother ride with swag.

In more than 50 countries, the brand is running the largest network of support and customer service centers. We have found the only e-skate company in the world that has global flagship stores. This brand is the provider of unrivaled build quality, lighter weight with the most powerful performance.

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7. Hiboy Electric Skateboard:

Hiboy S22 electric SkateboardPresenting to you the introduction of another best electric skateboard brand in the market, already achieved high popularity due to multiple aspects. These aspects include their way of manufacturing their products to offer the most compatible vehicle with highly responsive parts.

Hiboy hasits customer service centers in Shenzhen, China from where they treat and serve their customers with friendly behavior to solve all their problems. The company uses premium quality materials to construct suitable versatile decks, fantastic wheels, and outstanding trucks to skate well in all kinds of terrains.

Hiboy offers all the categories that suit every person; from kids to the aged people, who are passionate to cruise, ride and stunt on skateboards. Not only the skateboards are in its collection, but Hiboy also has introduced an ample variety of e-bikes, scooters, hoverboards, etc.

So, no matter for which purpose or of what kind of vehicle you want. All of them you could select from the excellent constructive, attractive variety of vehicles collection of Hiboy without even being worried about the prices as they usually tag affordable prices.

Its ‘S’ series of electric skateboards is the brand’s turning point to enter the world of prime names that people recommend regarding the purchase of skateboards. Equipped with a long-lasting battery, big range, and super-fast speed proves best for transportation purposes.

With your every ride, your Hiboy will become your super-safe, reliable, and coolest riding partner. Take it for your daily commuting, traveling, or weekend outings to enjoy the pleasures of visualizing beautiful nature!

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8. Teamgee Electric Skateboard:

Teamgee H5 37” Electric SkateboardTeamgee is not much old to enter the world of electric skateboards but it has fitted its roots well in the E-mobility world within past few years by introducing multiple kinds of the vehicle including scooters, unicycle, and hoverboards.

Earlier, Teamgee started its business as electric components’ OEM and ODM, continuing with the construction of several types of vehicles mentioned above. After realizing their huge success, they move forward to get into the electric skateboard business in 2016. They constructed skateboards so well that has gained a fair selling graph every year, especially in the Chinese market.

The famous brand “Teamgee” was the first setup by Mr. Sun, an avid sports enthusiast. On experiencing electric skateboard rides, he had got developed a good interest in this kind of vehicle that is a source of immense fun. At the time, he decided to enter electric skateboards, the trendy vehicles in their business for more growth of their company.

The most recognizable electric skateboard of Teamgee is Pintail H6 that immediately captured extensive attention from the riders. Its thin and beautiful design along with the smooth skateboarding capability is the reason for becoming people’s prior choice. Due to its huge success, Teamgee decided to enter the international market and offering a better riding experience to worldwide skateboarders.

Their main goal was to become the leading brand that they achieved just within few years with the huge efforts of the whole team. They are still trying to bring a better variety than before with minimalist design to offer riders the mesmerizing skateboarding experience.

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9. Phoenix Electric Skateboard:

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric skateboardPhoenix was born with the purpose to offer unparalleled excellence in skateboarding to all the dedicated riders out there. Its skateboards are an example of many other electric skateboard brands that couldn’t match the needs of the riders and what kind of vehicle they love. Phoenix knows how to please customers with the premium-quality, eye-catching design, and powerful performing wheels.

As because this brand offers what its customers immensely loved, they have gained so many permanent buyers. On just buying the first Phoenix electric skateboard, there is going back to another brand for sure because this quality at such affordable prices is not available everywhere.

This brand is serving its customers for over 13 years and it still is on the list of rapidly growing companies with thousands of dedicated customers. With the fast delivery and responsive customer care, it wins people’s hearts immediately.

A wide range of graphics we see on Phoenix electric skateboards grab the attention of the audience within seconds. They will get amazed to see your skills and the beauty of your electric skateboard which has produced a great combo!

You will find every range of electric skateboards on Phoenix, each suitable for a specific age group. So, if you are discovering better quality at cheap rates then Phoenix is one of the right choices you can go with!

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10. Blitzart Electric Skateboard:

BLITZART Huracane Electric SkateboardOur last preference for the best electric skateboard brand is ‘Blitzart.’ Blitzart is the company lead by a professional and dedicated team who are passionate about creating magical electric skateboards that could offer a safer and comfortable ride to everyone.

Its collection is super-cool, super durable, and super fantastic to deal well with rough terrains. The most popular models include Blitzart Mini Flash, Huracane, Tornado, and X-plore. These four electric skateboards are open-eyed role models regarding durability offered by Maple and bamboo deck, long-range, fast-charging long-lasting battery, powerful motor.

Blitzart has made many efforts to bring class to the skateboards’ collection. You can easily find your best-suited electric skateboard from such a wide range at inexpensive prices. Due to their continuous struggle over the betterment of their skateboards, we can see Blitzart getting great success soon!

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Q1. Is Skatebolt a good brand?

ANS. After checking out the riders’ reviews, we have found that Skatebolt is a pretty good brand. The Skatebolt electric skateboards work so well on less rough terrains. One can also maintain a high speed on it with ease. When it comes to enjoying reliable and comfortable rides at cheaper rates then this brand is highly recommendable.

Q2. Is Meepo skateboard better than Boosted?

ANS. Generally speaking, the Boosted brand has gotten huge popularity for its outstanding product quality. But, when it comes to talking about performing well and the affordable price tag on the same page, Meepo usually wins the plot.

Q3. How fast is Meepo’s shipping?

ANS. Meepo assures fast delivery within 14-30 days through approximately 30,000+ riders. Your parcel will arrive at your doorsteps within this time range most probably that will surely convince you to love your ‘Meepo!’

Q4. How long do evolve skateboards last?

ANS. Well, it mostly depends on how you maintain your boards’ battery and how much you are utilizing it for your long rides. The Evolve electric skateboards offer a joyful riding time and usually gets last within a range of 1-3 years.

Q5. Are Evolve skateboards dangerous?

ANS. To some extent, we can say that Evolve skateboards can be proved dangerous, especially when you are riding on rough terrains. So, wearing a helmet should be a mandatory condition before going to have un-ending joy on your Evolve e-board.

Q6. Is Blitzart a reliable brand?

ANS. Of course, Blitzart is a very reliable brand that you can trust on! If you’re finding a skateboard with some good features at affordable prices then you can choose Blitzart. In mid-range, its Tornado skateboard is so famous that you can surely rely on it for shorter commutes.

Q7. Is Backfire a good electric skateboard brand?

Ans. Backfire is one of the highest leading electric skateboard brands. It has a wide category that suits best for beginners by being super-smooth, comfortable, and supportive, and super-fast for pro riders!

Q8. How fast is Backfire delivery?

ANS. It depends on the route the parcel delivers from its California warehouse. If it is a shipping delivery that doesn’t take more than 30-35 business days, while if the same through the air, then the parcel gets delivered faster just within the range of 5-20 business days.

Q9. Why is Metroboard so expensive?

ANS. There is no comparison between Metroboard with those skateboard brands that are offering at cheaper rates due to lots of differences in features it offers. Apart from classic a 600Watt powerful motor, the Metroboard skateboard also offers 36mph top speed with a 30 miles range. That’s why their prices are higher than others!

Q10. Which electric skateboard brand is highly recommended?

ANS. Although, all the ten brands mentioned above are the top ones that are selling their products rapidly and getting countless positive reviews. All of them offer a wide category for different levels of riders. Prices also vary a lot. But, if you’re finding a brand offering good features at affordable prices then you should go with Backfire, Hiboy, Skatebolt, and Meepo too.

Final verdict:

We know that searching in a market for the best electric skateboard brand is not hectic work requiring loads of time. So for your ease, we have gathered up the top ten leading electric skateboard brands to help you in your selection from such a shortlist. Also, we have tried our best to describe their history, goals, way of construction, and pricing ideas to let you move with the one you think suits all your needs perfectly.

As you must “think before you leap” in multiple situations, it is another time to decide wisely. Your single bad decision could ruin the fun of your ride and ultimately loss of your money. So, always take two or three brand options side by side to find out the most ideal skateboard brand among them.

So, are you ready for a thrill ride?

Just discover the right options, go through their collections, have a look at features, prepare your cart, and BUY!

Always find the brand that meets your standard!

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