Top 10 Best Electric Skateboard – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

As technology is advancing day-by-day, more feasible and affordable vehicles are introducing in the market. One of the biggest and extraordinary inventions done is the “Electric Skateboards”. Electric skateboards are the perfect and the most …

Best Electric Skateboard 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

As technology is advancing day-by-day, more feasible and affordable vehicles are introducing in the market. One of the biggest and extraordinary inventions done is the “Electric Skateboards”. Electric skateboards are the perfect and the most wrapped-up vehicle.

E-skateboards offer many fantastic features to the users including the highest portability due to their less-weighted, requires less space to be fitted due to small size, and capable of showing the highest level of performance due to the biggest power engine!

It is an advanced technology best for covering long distances within a few minutes. These are perfect vehicles that help beginners in learning many activities and professionals in inspiring people by showing their excellent performances.

As electric skateboards are one of the latest technologies so their prices are also very high. But, due to high competition in the market, all brands have started introducing best affordable electric skateboards. The reason is, they want to become the users’ recommendation to receive their appreciation.

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Boosted Mini X

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

  • Compact design
  • Remote control
  • Durable composite construction


Backfire G2T Galaxy

Backfire G2T Galaxy Electric Skateboard

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Water-resistant compact-design
  • OLED Display



Maxfind Electric Skateboard

  • Easy skateboard control
  • Shock-absorbing capability
  • Dual hub motors

To help the riders select the best electric skateboard, we have extracted the top ten best electric skateboards 2021. Most of them in the list are affordable, but few have a high price tag due to more advanced features.

List of best electric skateboard  

Our all selections are best for beginners as well as professionals’ use. We have selected the top products after a lot of research. We are sure that all the mentioned best electric skateboards below can offer you the best game experience ever. So, choose yours and become an outstanding rider!


1. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Boosted Mini X Electric SkateboardBoosted is one of Asia’s famous brands, more commonly known as the best electric skateboard provider. Our first selection is genuinely from a top brand giving a compact-designed electric skateboard ” the Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard.”


The Mini skateboard is highly popular for the fastest performing technology and long-lasting construction. The best time saver is here to help you reach the longer distances with its top speeds of 18mph and 20mph. You can enjoy a comfortable & fastest ride with its 14 miles of range.

The classic Deep Dish composite deck is a must to be appreciated for providing a smooth skating experience. Being built around a strong core with fiberglass wrapped enhances the refined ride opportunity. This feature helps in keeping the rider locked in App (iOS& Android).

Defeating the terrains’ hurdles, the wheel’s flex profile is ready to offer a smoother ride. The wheel is manufactured with the 80mm Boosted Lunar to offer a super smooth roll anywhere. Capable of providing enough grip to let the rider manage all the ways easily. Boosted Mini is there for a reliable ride, thanks to its ergonomic remotes along with the cutting-edge firmware.

Featuring a remarkable kicktail design; perfectly holds over the road imperfections and quick pivoting. This technology helps the rider stepping over the 90 degrees turns securely and affectionately. No need to worry about the highest speed on roads as the secure brakes surely handle over it.

There is an inclusion of an excellent power battery that gets a full charge within 1 hour and 45 minutes, offers you a stress-free going and come back. Tuned with the three best ride modes, make the skateboard suitable for quick errands.

There is an addition of 20% hill grades that let the one float over the hills, leaving the imperfections behind smoothly. Thanks to the best remote control and Bluetooth feature that makes the ride easy and comfortable up to a greater extent.

Meet agility with the outstanding Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard and take it anywhere as your sincere companion. A suitable and fully-controlled platform is ready to meet all your requirements fora smooth, quick, and fast ride.

  • Three different ride modes, adding more style to your ride
  • Compact design making it easy to keep anywhere
  • Short time charging a battery with a long performance time
  • Gripped wheels with secure brakes
  • Remote control and Bluetooth ready to control skateboard board quickly and amazingly
  • Durable composite construction
  • Not ideal for heavy-weighted riders as they may find the uncomfortable grip to their legs
  • Slightly high price tag due to good look and extra advanced features
  • Not recommended for people less than 16 years

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2. Backfire G2T Galaxy Electric Skateboard

Backfire G2T Galaxy Electric SkateboardThe runner on the list is the Backfire G2T Electric Skateboard that genuinely worth the money by offering the best performing features. BACKFIRE believes in achieving its customers’ satisfaction and for this purpose, it keeps making unique and affordable e-boards. One of the uniquely-designed boards, the G2T Galaxy is a treat to make a perfect ride!


The Board is an equal solid vehicle whose deck is designed with eight layers of Hard Rock Maple. Besides giving the board higher durability, it also becomes a provision of attraction to others. The elegant curved shape absorbs all the shocks up to a higher extent It doesn’t let the rider’s feet hurt even a little bit.

The highly improved features have been equipped in the Galaxy 2020 model for better performance and a highly water-resistant design. Now turning is not a difficult task as its advanced technology provides an ultimate supportive styled ride.

You will get amazed by the eye-catchy look of the Backfire G2 skateboard having an upper concave surface. The surface is proved to be an excellent part to offer higher support and grip to the rider.

With the Sports mode riding range, it ensures a quick ride of 12Miles/20Km. Another Eco Mode riding range offers an outstanding speed for completing your small errands quickly with 15.5Miles per 25Km.  Its stiff deck provides an extraordinarily smooth ride by absorbing all the shocks and vibrations of terrains within few seconds.

Other thanks to the superior lightweight feature of the BackFire electric skateboard that is only 16 pounds. Offering greater portability, its lightweight allows every person to carry it easily. The treat feature is the board’s New Turbo mode that offers 20% acceleration for the galaxy.

The black G2T e-board also accompanies a brand new wireless R2 remote. The R2 remote with an OLED screen in an exclusive part of this electric skateboard offers a quick display and easy control of the ride. Control the mode, speeds, battery, connection, and range of your board with a handy remote within a click of a button.

There is an addition of 96mm installed wheels (85mm wheels needed to be purchased separately) along with two customized 400watt In-Hub motors. The Hub-in motors are equipped to provide a lower center of gravity to help in a much better ride experience. Both the parts are independently replaceable through which the rider can replace the tires with ease without touching a bit of motor part.

  • Extremely lightweight durable electric skateboard
  • Water-resistant compact-design
  • New Turbo mode added for outstanding performance; 20% gravity acceleration
  • OLED Display handy new brand remote control
  • Replaceable wheels and motors
  • An ideal choice of electric skateboard for beginners
  • Slightly longer length can be sometimes unmanageable
  • Not an ideal choice for people more than 100 lbs. weight

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3. Maxfind Electric Skateboard

Maxfind Electric SkateboardMaxfind has brought a superb outstanding variety of electric skateboards. The company is famous for providing pure-quality, unique design, and best-featured skateboards.

Here presenting the MAX 4PRO Electric skateboard ready to offer you the speediest and smoother ride you had ever experienced before. The superb combination of attractive style and integrated technology of this e-board makes it a highly recognizable Maxfind skateboard in the market!


The Maxfind has introduced the highly durable electric skateboard, made with the eight Canadian Maple layers. The more attraction is in the skateboard is due to the 270mm width CNC precision machine and the unique diamond-cut look of the skateboard. You can avail yourself of the opportunity of a memorable ride with its FOC VECTOR CONTROLLER DESIGN.

Another best part especially for the stunt lovers is the installed four safe riding modes; beginner, eco, fast, and max. Select the one according to the requirements and achieve a faster speed up to 26Mph / 42kph.

Not a single chance to let your feet meet the impact of shocks as there is a superb combination of Hub Motor, 96 mm diameter 25% larger wheels, and battery IP65. Best work against shocks, water, and dust; offers a stable and comfortable ride experience.

The 750 watts dual Hub motors carry an outstanding transformation efficiency of 85%. It helps the riders climb up to 30 degrees safely and amazingly. The Hub motors are quieter and give a lightning-fast speed riding experience.

For the perfect support and a stress-free ride, the electric skateboard features professional anti-slip sandpaper. From now, you will be able to deny every bit of scratching on hands or clothes on a ride with Maxfind electric skateboard. With the super range of 15 Miles/ 25Km, you can enjoy the most comfortable ride.

The smart feature of the smarter skateboard is the OLED screen remote control. It makes riding easy for all beginners and professionals too. One can easily adjust the riding parameters, modes, and other settings through this tool. The 2.4GHZ MULTI-POINT FM adds extra joy to your ride!

The impact resistance battery pack is a much safer feature, gets replace with 10 seconds just in four quick steps. Get charged fully within 2 hours, accompanying the 4400 mAh capacity. Furthermore, there is an addition of a custom-designed 5 degrees bevel that offers extra support to the corners. It is a source of higher stability of the feet.

  • Excellent battery time, run with you on longer trips
  • The OLED Screen remote offers easy skateboard control
  • The 25% large wheels offer extra grip and shock-absorbing capability
  • Can give a smooth ride up to of approx. 100kg people
  • 750watt Dual hub motors help climb up to 30 degrees
  • Four safe riding mode offers more efficient riding and excellent performances
  • It is an expensive skateboard with heavy machinery
  • Large deck length reduce compatibility

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4. Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Breeze II

Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Breeze IISKATEBOLT was established in the year 2016 to provide its customers with the best, affordable and safe skateboards. It is one of the remarkable models by Skatebolt. Another best option to experience a thrilling ride is the selection of “Skatebolt Electric Skateboard Breeze II”. It is a bundle of shocking features, revealing all the ways towards the most comfortable ride. The simple upper body along with the black and sky blue lower body provides a soothing look.


Initially, let’s talk about its tremendous speed modes. This Electric skateboard features four-speed modes. With the maximum speed of 28 MPH, cover the longest distances within a short time.

This skateboard is also featuring a great slide start function for the feasibility of the skaters. The board will automatically get “ON” when applied the two to three steps of sliding. The 100mm wheels along with the extra wheelset of 90mm perfect to show a better grip and smart riding style!

It is an absolute solid construction done by the combination of Bamboo and Fiberglass. The Bamboo with the two layers of fiberglass makes the long deck completely durable and waterproof. The longboard is best in providing great flexibility and stability.

There is an inclusion of the Samsung 30Q Lithium battery having a long battery time of 6000mAh. The outstanding battery time allows the rider to travel up to 15 miles, with a full charge, and in medium mode. You can too charge your board during your journey to come back with the same happiness and comfort.

As safety is one of the biggest concerns, there is a provision of four brake settings in the BREEZE II. Regeneration brakes are there to help you in enjoying a care-free and comfortable ride. Also, one of the best electric skateboards 2021 has been equipped with two tail lights. These lights flash whenever the brakes are applied.

To make the checking easy for the rider, a wireless LCD Screen remote is ready to serve you. One can easily check the speed, battery capacity, direction, remote capacity or record the range through this small but, fantastic device.

If you want the same speed as you are currently at, just press the LED button seen on the wireless remote. Moreover, the board is strong enough to climb a 30% steep hill due to the grace of dual replaceable 350Watt motors.

  • The 6000mAh strong battery offers a care-free long ride
  • The lightweight, compact & attractive design is best to carry anywhere
  • The amazing maximum speed of 28 MPH travels long distances within a short time
  • It can offer an impressive ride to the person weighing 264 lbs. easily
  • The long deck design grips the feet perfectly and offers great stability
  • The efficient board with the smart remote provides an easy checking style
  • There is not an attractive upper body
  • The board deck material is more prone to scratches or debris

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5. Teamgee H5 37” Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H5 37” Electric SkateboardTeamgee has lined-up a variety of electric skateboards to offer enjoyable riding. With the affordable prices and high-quality construction, the brand has become of the lovable brands of the people. The H5 Electric Skateboard is one of its finest constructions. It is a simple, pretty board with remarkable features that perfectly balances flexibility and compatibility.


The H5 electric skateboard is ready to amaze you with its 12mm ultra-thin deck. The shining board with a weight of only 14.5lbs has a maximum load capacity of 220 pounds. We can surely say, it is one of the thinnest electric skateboards in the market that is only three inches above the ground. Highly portable, greatly thin!

The 0.59 inches thick construction is a combination of 10 ply Canadian Maple and 1 ply fiberglass to reach the highest limit of durability. The maximum steep climb hill grade is 20 degrees that could easily go through the gentle hills.

To enhance the ride stability and gripping parts, the e-boards has the high elasticity 90mm PU wheels. The wheels are well trained to save the rider from every shock of the terrain. Proved ideal for quick turns!

The maximum range of the e-board is up to 9 to 11 miles at a speed of 22 MPH. The 760 Watt dual motors on the fast speed mode let the rider quickly fulfilling the tasks. Complete your errands or enjoy comfortable shorter commutes on your H5 without stressing over time. As its maximum speed will help you reach within a shorter time.

The beginners’ and professionals’ level skateboard carries four-speed modes on the wireless remote control. With the LCD Screen remote, change the speed or directions within milliseconds. Press the button of your desired mode and enjoy an enthusiastic ride. Switch on to the different brake modes (B1, B2, B3, B4) as per your requirements.

Perfect for commuting, recommendable for quick errands!

  • Best electric skateboard for beginners.
  • It is an extremely lightweight board, best for shorter commutes and camping.
  • It is a highly durable material made electric board.
  • Long 38 inches deck provides more stability and flexibility to the rider’s feet.
  • Quick changing and adjustments can be done by a smart Wireless LCD Screen remote.
  • 220 pounds load weighing capacity is best for the heavy ones’ rides.
  • The four-speed modes help to choose and to select the required speed at a time.
  • The 9 to 11 miles range is not compatible with most the professional skaters.

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6. Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT Series Electric Skateboard

Evolve Skateboards Carbon GT Series Electric SkateboardEvolve Skateboards refer to the vast variety of high performing vehicles that can provide the most comfortable ride. Whenever the versatility is to be talked about, the Evolve Skateboards always come in the top choices. All the skateboards, especially this one is brought according to the professional riders’ demands. Instead of high prices, the Evolve GT series has brought a lot of interesting features with the best riding capabilities to offer thrilling rides and the best stunting performances.


You must need to know about the high durability of this classic electric skateboard. A versatile combination of fiberglass and Bamboo has been added to make the 38 inches deck of the board highly durable and comfortable.

The next thing you would notice is its seven inches high performer wheels. Sure to be of premium quality, the wheels are designed as outstanding shock absorbers. An impressive and smooth ride will be in the hands of wheels and the wheels will do it with honesty for sure.

Not only this introduction is enough as its excellent lithium battery is ready to inspire you with its long hours’ performance. When the battery is fully charged, the rider can easily skate up to the distance of 31 miles without worrying over time. So, this electric skateboard is surely an ideal choice for quick errands.

Let’s come to the high power 3000-watt high power motors. The Motors have a lot of work to do for you and allow the rider to run on all terrains at a maximum speed of 26 mph.

The great innovation in the world of technology is the wireless remote control. It is a high work performer that makes the riding easiest. All praises for remote for showing all the speed modes, distance, direction, and other settings on the digital LCD. Manage as per your riding requirements just by moving your magic fingers!

Although you may get disheartened by the high price tag on the Evolve Carbon GT Series electric skateboards. But, when you notice the best-ever features in it, you’ll say that the board is amazingly justifying the prices.

It is an expensive electric skateboard with the highest portability. The thin design with lightweight construction inspires everyone when easily carried by anyone. Overall, it is one of the top electric skateboards whether to talk about versatility, power, portability, or performance.

  • High versatility is offered on the board due to the extremely durable construction
  • The maximum speed of 26 MPH can help in easily winning the competitions or fulfilling quick errands
  • The long deck offers superb comfort and grip to the rider’s feet
  • The high power motors work smoothly on all kinds of terrain
  • The sleek, simple, and pretty body offers the highest portability. One can easily carry it on camping or small adventurous journeys.
  • It is an expensive electric skateboard that may discourage some riders
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7. BLITZART Huracane Electric Skateboard:

BLITZART Huracane Electric SkateboardBLITZART, a company of CALIFORNIA has made a goal to offer high-level flexibility and comfort to all the riders. Introducing simple, but best performing boards for a very long time and inspiring people with their high-quality durable products. It is offering boards for people of all age groups and has lined-up a big variety. The Hurance electric skateboard is one of the affordable electric skateboards with a lot of inspiring features to help you in having a thrilling and comfortable ride!


The most premium type of construction is here. At the top and bottom of the Huracane board, the six layers of high-quality maple wood are sandwiched between the two Bamboo layers to offer more durability. A grip tape is also outfitted on the concave-shaped deck to offer a more gripping and flexible style.

The max speed of about 17-19 MPH is there to help you in quick errands.  There is an inclusion of the 4.4Ah lithium-ion battery pack that can run 10 miles distance on being fully charged. The full charge time of the 36V high power battery is approx. 2.5 or 3 hours.

A handy wireless remote control is ready to make your rider so simple and stress-free. Comes along with the two-speed modes, reverse capability, acceleration &deceleration functions, and other settings; you can quickly manage your riding style! The wrist wrap part on the remote you can use during getting on and off the board.

The 350-watt brushless hub-motor is another remarkable feature of the BLITZART Huracane electric board. The best quality of the motor is its silent nature that offers a hassle-free ride. Giving an elegant design and pleasing appearance to the board, you can kick the hub motor board with or without a battery.

Its 38 inches deck and 8.35 kg overall weight offer the flexible and stable ride along with the highest portability. This lightweight e-board is ready to support and give a ride to people having a maximum weight of 250 lbs.

The anti-slip abrasive grip tape along with 90mm wheels also makes this electric board a fantastic and stable skateboard. Also, a convenient carrying handle on the side allows the rider to do a more interesting and amazing ride.

An easy and instant ride you can enjoy on your board just after unboxing as it is fully assembled to offer you a thrilling and smooth riding experience. Also, saving your time and efforts!

  • The board is an ideal option for the heavy riders
  • There is a long and durable deck that offers a comfortable and flexible part
  • The wrist wrap feature is a safety part
  • The highest portability with lightweight construction is a hassle-free quality
  • The long-time lithium-ion battery is there to support you in running the 17 MPH maximum speed
  • • There is only a maximum range of 10 miles
  • Only two-speed modes is not an impressive part for professional skaters
  • The three hours charging time is not so good

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8.  SWAGSKATE NG2 38” A.I. Powered Electric Longboard Skateboard:

SWAGSKATE NG2 38” A.I. Powered Electric Longboard SkateboardAll the best features and advanced technology are added to this SWAGSKATE Electric skateboard to offer a true riding experience. The main focus of the manufacturers is towards the design and construction of the longboard that combinedly makes the board sturdy, simple, intuitive, and powerful performer. Just enjoy the pure exhilarating fun with your SWAGSKATE longboard with superb handy controlling features and intelligent technology.


A first and primary focus should be must towards the construction of the board. The same thing is done by the SWAGSKATE and combined the six maple layers with the two Bamboo layers. Both materials have achieved the true extent of durability and collectively make the extremely strong and sturdy electric skateboard to accommodate the riders up to 220 pounds easily.

Skateboarding will be fun when you meet with advanced technology “A.I powered somatosensory navigation system”. The technology is somehow a relief for the riders as it allows a complete hands-free thrilling ride, even without a need for a wireless remote.

There is all about “LEANING” in this electric skateboard as all the sensors will do your work. Move forward or backward by leaning on the front and back sensors. An addition of smart weight sensors checks and responds with accuracy to every weight shift. The balance sensors help to balance the riders effectively on all kinds of terrains.

If you’re very much familiar with the remote and want the control of your board in your hands then let’s appreciate the full-featured wireless remote control. You can monitor or control every aspect of your move just by moving your eyes and fingers.

It is a 20 pounds product with extra-wide and large 90 x 52mm PU wheels. Their high-quality and strong construction helps the rider in achieving high speed and superb turns with much flexibility and stability. Keeping the friction back, the wheels offer a fantastic and stable cruising experience.

Conquering 15 degrees inclination, the 450-watt robust pair of motors are there to allow you to reach higher. The board is an excellent option for fast riders due to it can attain the maximum speed of 18 MPH easily.

The last part’s summary is “RIDE MORE, CHARGE LESS”. It means that there is an efficient and powerful Lithium-ion (LFP) battery. It is a fast-charging battery that can be fully charged within two hours only. You can ride up to long distances with your fully-charged, outstanding battery.

  • The latest and smart A. I powered somatosensory navigation system offers a relaxing hands-free ride
  • The high power 450-watt dual motors help to achieve a maximum speed of 18 MPH
  • Only two hours charging time gives a long time relief
  • It is an extremely lightweight construction that offers the highest portability
  • The smart balancing and weight sensors provide more stability and grip performance
  • The long and elegant-designed deck gives a royal look
  • • It is an expensive deck, cannot affordable for everyone
  • Only 220 weight supporting capacity may not be enough for some heavy riders

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9. RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard:

RazorX DLX Electric SkateboardRazor is a leading brand of America with the youth lifestyle recreational products of high-quality. the RazxorX DLX Electric skateboard is one of it’s finest products. The top-notch quality and a great design offer an outstanding smoother rider. With a lot of interesting features, this electric skateboard has met with a lot of appreciation. It is an affordable electric skateboard, recommendable for people of nine years or more.


Taking a start with the shining, strong, and versatile construction of the RazorX DLX Board. The deck is made with the genuine quality 7 layers of maple to offer a lightweight and grippy status. This electric skateboard is offering extra stability and flexibility by making the deck almost 870mm (34.25”) long.

Features a soft kick-to-start technology to help the rider start, stop, or slow down within seconds. An affordable electric skateboard has a150 watts lithium-ion battery to offer a continuous ride of 40 minutes at a maximum speed of 12 MPH (19km/hr). So, you can easily cover up the long distances when your battery gets fully charged.

It is an electric-powered, high-performance skateboard that lets the rider feels flat and smooth during enjoying a thrilling ride. The inclusion of a rare drive hub motor is a source of providing a fully responsive ride.

Now control will be in the palm of your hand by the 24 GHz digital and wireless remote control. Easily increase or decrease the speed of your board, check the direction or battery & remote capacity by the handy remote control.

There is also an addition of the perfect quality ground-gripping urethane wheels that smoothly run over all kinds of terrains with much perfection. With the replaceable wrist strap, you can enjoy a safe and stable thrilling ride.

As this electric skateboard is made so strong, attractive, and amazing, so it has a high supporting weight capacity of 220 pounds. So, the rider of up to 100 Kgs can easily enjoy a smoother ride on this amazing RazorX DLX Electric skateboard.

  • It is an extremely lightweight construction, offering higher portability
  • The 24 GHz easy remote control helps in giving commands to your board within seconds
  • The urethane stable wheels are the highest ground-gripping feature to offer a smoother ride
  • The long, sturdy deck with a wrist wrap is a source of flexible, stable, and comfortable ride
  • • Not a good maximum speed, most probably for the professionals

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10. Boosted 2ND Generation dual + Standard Range Electric Skateboard:

Boosted 2ND Generation dual + Standard Range Electric SkateboardOur first and last choice is Boosted electric skateboards. The Boosted is a well-famous brand, winning the hearts of people for the amazing portability and greater durability. Another perfect electric skateboard by Boosed is the 2nd Gen dual + standard range longboard. The reason behind its success is the strong development of the board, advanced features equipped, and attractive design. So, if you are going with the BOOSTED then you’re surely making a great choice!


The Boosted 2nd Gen electric board is built to stand with the demands of daily urban terrains ride. Perfect for the extreme conditions, the water-proof construction of the board helps in riding at all kinds of rough terrains.

It is a user-friendly electric-powered board that features a long time lithium-ion battery. Takes approximately four to five hours for a complete charge, the standard battery time is perfect for 6 miles range. The extended battery time Is for 15 miles range that helps you in a perfect covering of longer commutes and quick errands.

You are provided with a high-quality digital remote control which means that all the controls are in your hands. It is a Bluetooth-enabled device that offers a safer ride by letting you make choices on your desires. So, approximately switch between acceleration or braking within seconds with your fingers.

There is a 25% grade hill climbing with a top-notch speed of 22 MPH. it means you can perform amazing stunts and enjoy the fastest ride on this fantastic Boosted skateboard.

It is an extremely lightweight board of only 15 pounds that is best to be carried anywhere by anyone. The 2000 watts of power is capable enough to allow you to experience the fastest, and powerful ride. So, get ready to ride with the superb qualities and impressive features of Boosted 2ND Gen Dual + standard electric skateboard.

Now, no more stressing over the quick errands you may face everyday as your quick and high-power electric skateboard will help you in fulfilling it. Boost your day with the Boosted!

  • The 15 pounds is an extremely lightweight construction to be taken anywhere
  • A 25% hill climbing grade is sure enough to perform high-level stunts
  • An amazing 22 MPH maximum speed is best to complete quick errands
  • The standard and extended battery ranges are fantastic to enjoy all kinds of rides
  • A Bluetooth enabled remote control has offered to give you all the controls within your hands
  • The high gripping wheels are the great shock absorbers
  • • The long battery charging time is a slight drawback

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Things to consider when buying an electric skateboard:

Electric skateboards are one of the latest technologies that have gone through many advances till yet. Keeping an eye on the correct one with the best features is a difficult task as there is a big variety available in the market.

All the brands have become each other’s biggest competitors and keep trying to become the best. Almost, all the brands offer the best electric skateboard to receive a lot of appreciation from their customers. Now, it is upon the one that which type of and what features containing electric skateboard he wants.

In this daunting task, buying a guide worth a lot as it helps in making out an ideal decision. If you are not well aware of the things you must consider when purchasing an electric skateboard, you may have to regret afterward your waste of money.

So, we have prepared a buying guide to save you from many regrets and help you extract out the right product according to your requirements & desires. Must consider things mentioned below before clicking the “PLACE ORDER” button:

  • Durability and water-resistant:

The primary things to consider are how durable and water-resistant an electric skateboard is? Durability refers to the kind of material used in the construction. If an electric skateboard is made of high-quality material, it means you’re going to select a versatile board that will last longer.

Water and electricity are good friends of each other. But, their friendship is a fatal enemy of the lives of human beings. So, it is necessary to select a water-resistant electric board to have a safe, thrilling ride and to freely ride even during rainy weathers or on wet terrains.

  • Portability:

Are you an outing lover and keep on traveling from one place to another? If you genuinely go outdoors, camping usual times and don’t prefer public transport then the best decision you can make is the buying of a portable electric skateboard.

Portability has a direct relation with weight. If an electric board weighs less, it is having higher portability. You can carry it with you anywhere without putting many efforts.  A friendly piece of advice is to select an electric board weighing less than 18 pounds. It is an ideal range you will surely appreciate when you carry your board easily!

  • Battery:

Another most important factor to consider is the charging time of the battery and after then its life on getting fully charged. If you’re a regular rider and cover long distances on your board then you must have the perfect battery inside. Stress-free going and coming back could be easily done due to the grace of the battery life.

An excellent battery usually gets charged fully within two to three hours and gives long time support to the board. So, must consider a good life battery of an electric skateboard to enjoy longer rides without any worries of being stopped anywhere!

  • Wheels quality:

Wheels are another very important and prominent part of an electric board. They play a big role in making a board called “efficient board.” Usually, there are two types of wheels namely; Generic wheels (branded) and clone wheels (unbranded).

The brand speaks more as we already know. So, it is good to select an electric board that is equipped with generic wheels. It is a provision of the most stable, smooth, shock-free, and flexible ride for you with secure turns.

While the unbranded wheels, mainly the urethane wheels are not considered much good to absorb the biggest shocks and offer more grip as compared to the generic ones. So, generic wheels decision will be proved as a worth decision for you!

  • Remote control:

The remote control feature is a kind of safety feature that also helps in a more comfortable ride. A remote with a digital LCD Screen and buttons is a provision of a more feasible ride. The wireless remote in the palm of your hands would let you select your speed modes just by clicking a button. You can easily check the direction, battery capacity, and remote capacity on the great LCD Screen.

So, if you want all controls of your electric skateboard in your hands then do make a selection of a board containing a wireless remote control with an LCD Screen. Ride according to your desires and requirements. Select the functions just by a single press of a button!

  • Warranty:

Warranty is a kind of security. If you’re buying an electric skateboard, you are spending a lot of your efforts, money, and time. This means you need some authenticity and time to check whether the product you have bought worths the money or not.

Try to select an electric skateboard of that company that has offered a good time warranty and responsive customer support. The large warranty you get, the more relaxation you will avail yourself!


Q1. Can children ride electric skateboards?

ANS. Well, there is not a good reason that allows children to ride an electric skateboard (mainly under 10 years). The main fact is, they don’t carry enough grip that can provide them a fully stable ride. Some brands recommend their skateboards for children for more than 9 years or more than 13 years. So, it is better to consider the recommended age written on your electric board to save your children from harm or injuries.

Q2. Do wheel size matters in skateboards?

ANS. YES! Wheels size matters because it plays an important role in the quality of the ride. The larger and wider wheels are considered better than smaller wheels. The larger wheels help in providing a smoother, comfortable, quieter ride. It also offers more grip and flexibility. While the smaller wheels are less flexible and don’t make good turns. The size of the wheel that is recommendable and ideal is more than 80mm.

Q3. Is long deck value in an electric skateboard?

ANS: A long deck of more than 35mm values a lot. The reason is, it offers more grip, stability, and flexibility to the rider’s feet. But there are some drawbacks too. It can cause difficulty in portability and fitting at small bag packs. So, it is recommended to buy a board that contains a medium-sized deck; not so small, not so long!

Q4. Do I need to wear expensive shoes for skateboarding?

ANS. Well, it is not necessary to wear expensive shoes but surely a good-quality, durable shoes. The shoes ensure a quick, smooth push with a more comfortable ride. If you wear high-quality shoes with a perfect sole, it can help you keep safe from all injuries. You can go with the leading shoe brands of the market like Adidas, Nike, and others to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.


Electric skateboards are one of the biggest revolutions made in history. This technology has made work easier and is a source of ample fun. But, the fun can also be tasted when you have the right, durable, strong, stable, and flexible skateboard with you.

Selection is no doubt a very difficult task. If you’re a beginner who wants to learn skating or a professional who wants to perform outstanding stunts on terrains, we have gathered the ten best electric skateboards 2021 for all of you.

Select an ideal one according to your demands and the price you can afford. Complete quick errands and take so much fun from your electric board.

                                             Be a rider that inspires other riders!

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