Best Electric Skateboards Under 300$ – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

The world is running very fast and it is going more difficult to cope with the exact timings to reach anywhere. So, if you have chosen the electric skateboards to cover up distances and reach …

Best Electric Skateboards Under 300$

The world is running very fast and it is going more difficult to cope with the exact timings to reach anywhere. So, if you have chosen the electric skateboards to cover up distances and reach your destinations at the required time then you’re surely a wise person!

Are you a beginner? If yes, then this article is surely going to help you meet with your right e-board. As a $300 budget is fair enough that every beginner can afford, we’ve decided to bring out the perfect electric skateboards in this price range. These skateboards are not costly and capable of offering the most stable ride to the rider.

When the price tags are less, the features also get reduced in boards. But, we’ve tried our best to extract the best electric skateboards under 300$ from the market. All of these electric skateboards are durable, stable, the best-designed and contains many features that are usually far enough to offer a thrilling ride.

  → Our Top Pick ←



JKING electric Skateboard

  • Excellent Top Speeds
  • Light-weight Durable
  • Fast-charging Powerful



Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric skateboard

  • 16 MPH Speed
  • Regenerative Brakes
  • Extremely Light-weight



RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard

  • Smart Remote Control
  • Stability and Flexibility
  • Lithium-ion Battery

Moreover, if you’re finding an electric skateboard for daily use to reach your work or study place and your budget is 300 dollars then you can easily find your ideal board from the list we have prepared. So look, think, and decide!!!

List of best electric skateboards under 300$

Here we have selected a total of nine best electric skateboards under $300. All these electric skateboards are capable to break the record of giving a perfectly smooth ride at such low price tags. So, start searching yours from the selections below:


1. JKING electric Skateboard

JKING electric SkateboardAll you need is a kind of fantastic electric skateboard that is an all-rounder; stylish, best-performer, and highly durable. Here is what our first selection satisfies everything perfectly. The board is recommendable for people aged more than 12 years.

The JKING Electric longboard has brought an eye-catching design with a range of many advanced features to offer an exciting ride anytime & anywhere. Within a small price tag, this electric skateboard has a lot to offer its rider. Check out whether the board is suiting your needs or not!


Introducing the longboard with the new exclusive designed deck with science fiction images that give it a outclass look. Not only the look of the deck is amazing here, but the durability also speaks to offer a promising ride.

The high-quality waterproof polypropylene material is used to construct the long deck. This material makes the surface of 0.51” off the ground e-board fully non-slip and waterproof to offer a complete stable & smoother ride. The strong PP deck can support the load up to 200 lbs. which is proof of its being highly sturdy and strong!

For a provision of longer commuting or street wandering treat, the electric skateboard also accompanies a 36V 2500mAh powerful lithium-ion battery. Capable of being fully charged within two hours can give a ride at a max speed of 18.6MPH along 6.8-7.6 miles range.

Emerging out the beautiful looks of fiction images, a smart LED Lamp is here for this purpose. It not only functions for designing but also helps you in stress-free cruising over dark streets or during night times.

The 11 pounds lightweight electric skateboard has a 450Watt brushless hub motor. No matter what type of terrain you’re cruising, the motors are powerful enough to help you in enjoying a smooth, exciting, and stable ride. You can also climb up to 10 degrees by the grace of them.

More arrangements for your safety lined up the wheels and multi-functional remote control. There is an inclusion of 83mm 80A polyurethane wheels that are greatly strong to defeat the hardness of roads. The remote helps you to enjoy your ride according to your desires. Switch over different functions within seconds like accelerate/brake, speed modes (three), Forward/backward, etc.

  • The JKING e-board has the excellent top speeds to easily fulfill the quick errands
  • 200 lbs. weight supporting limit is good that offers ride to heavy-weighted people
  • The lightweight durable construction is fully waterproof and shock-proof
  • The fast-charging powerful battery offers a better range
  • The deck is made so attractive by the addition of science fiction pictures and LED Lamp
  • A remote shows battery range helps the rider to manage tasks accordingly
  • 10 degrees climbing is not enough to perform long stunts; means not recommendable for professionals
  • There is only a single 450watt brushless motor

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2. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric skateboard

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric skateboardA runner on the list is the “Alouette Phoenix Ryders electric skateboard.” The reason for its being runner-up is its fantastic versatile construction and wide range of advanced features that are capable of offering your desired way of a ride!

If you’re researching for a board that can provide you the smoothest ride then this option can become your first and last choice because; it is an extraordinary electric skateboard at an extraordinary small price!


The durable electric skateboards have their separate position in the market. People prefer durable ones usually over attractive ones. So if you are among them then Alouette Phoenix longboard is surely made for you that minor lacks attractiveness but greatly achieve versatility demands.

A 32 inches long deck is constructed with seven layers of Maple material. The Maple has the special power that enhances the strength of an electric skateboard. It can support the load up to 132 pounds.

There is a combination of high power 25.2V 4400mAh battery and 250watt dual brushless hub motors are done to offer a maximum range of 14 miles. You can enjoy your ride up to the maximum speed of 16MPH offered by outstanding motors and a lithium-ion battery.

Meanwhile, Regenerative brakes Technology lets the battery charge when the brakes are applied to offer a relief journey experience.

Furthermore, an exclusive technology named “CRUISE CONTROL FUNCTION” is here to offer the rider an enjoyable, safer, and comfortable cruising everywhere. Just climb up to 15 degrees high by the grace of its extraordinary control system and efficient motors.

A superb remote control will be in your hands during riding. You can desirably switch in between different functions like brakes, acceleration, directions, and speed modes. Also, you can check the battery, power consumption, mileage, and other functions through the Display screen on the remote.

This electric skateboard for under 300 dollars is also equipped with large PU wheels. The red wheels with the black deck make a perfect merger to conquer the uneven surfaces of roads.

  • The Alouette longboard offers 16 MPH speed that is enough to cover long distances within a short time
  • Long Maple deck of 32 inches offers a highly stable and flexible ride
  • Regenerative brakes technology offers peace of mind during long routes
  • It is an extremely lightweight board that offers the highest portability
  • The durable polyurethane wheels absorb big shocks and give a smooth ride
  • 15 degrees climbing angle is far better to perform minor stunts
  • Only six months warranty
  • Less than 150 pounds weight supporting capacity of the deck

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3. RAZORX Longboard Electric skateboard

RazorX DLX Electric SkateboardAnother fantastic yet durable longboard has lined up in the list being one of the biggest competitors. RazorX long deck skateboard is an affordable e-board best for quick errands and daily cruising. It is equipped with extra safety features that help kids, adults, beginners, and daily riders experience a 100% comfortable exciting ride.


The five plies of Bamboo material are used to construct 37.5 inches long deck. The deck also accompanies a grip tape to let the rider enjoy the fully stable, controlled, and flexible ride. The sturdy deck is capable of supporting the weight limit up to 220 pounds.

It is featuring a powerful 125-watt rear-wheel-drive motor that highly satisfies the rider with the performance of RazorX. The motor offers you to enhance your speed up to the range of 10 MPH (16KM/hr.).

The rear-wheel-drive technology is here to help you avail yourself of the stress-free electric skateboard. It eliminates all kinds of chain or belt issues or alignment problems to a higher extent.

To offer 40 minutes of the continuous stable ride, RazorX board being one of the best electric skateboards under 300 dollars is also equipped with a strong 22V lithium-ion battery. It charged up quickly and helps the rider to cover long distances at one full charge!

The kick-to-start skateboard also brings a smart digital and 2.4GHz wireless remote control. Just control all your actions with your fingers including run/stop, forward/backward, increase speed/decrease.

Moving on towards the introduction of its’ ground-gripping polyurethane wheels. The durable wheels take a strong grip on the road and absorb shocks to offer a smooth, safe, and flexible ride.

Overall, the good-looking and smart RazorX electric skateboard can provide your desirable ride of excitement, joy, and stability!

  • There is a smart remote control accompanying the board to give you full control of your ride in your hands
  • The long deck of almost 38 inches is extremely best to offer more stability and flexibility to the feet
  • It is an extremely lightweight skateboard whose deck is pretty-designed to ensure attractiveness
  • The powerful lithium-ion battery is capable of offering 40 minutes of continuous ride
  • The 10 MPH top speed is not enough for quick errands
  • The longest deck can cause portability issues
  • Remote lacks a digital screen

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4. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

Hiboy S11 Electric SkateboardExplore the world with the most durable, strong, lightweight, and best-features containing skateboard the “HIBOY S11 electric skateboard.” Within a small price range, S11 is offering a much more comfortable, safer, and thrilling ride.

No matter if you’re finding a good-looking board or the best performance board, Hiboy S11 is satisfying both of these demands by its attractive design and outstanding features.


The three inches off from the ground skateboard is made highly durable by utilizing the combination of wood and aluminum in its deck construction. The 30 inches medium-length deck is so strong that could easily support the weight limit of 220 lbs.

Have a look at its outclass powerful lithium-ion battery equipping along with this electric skateboard to give out a top speed of 12.4-13 MPH. You can stress-free go on shorter commutes up to 6.2 miles on a single full charge of the battery. And a Regenerative Brakes Technology starts battery charging whenever the brakes are applied to give a longer range.

Its ground-gripping wheels are made large and durable with high-quality polyurethane material. The 2.8 inches tires offer a completely smooth, flexible, and shock-free ride by defeating all uneven surfaces of the road.

Furthermore, this electric skateboard also weighs little to offer maximum portability. Its weight usually lies in the range of 8 to 8.5 lbs. It also offers a hill grade of 8 degrees.

A wireless, digital, and rechargeable remote control also accompany by a Hiboy S11 skateboard to give full control in the palm of the rider. Switch in-between directions, four-speed modes, brake modes, and other functions within seconds.

Overall; the Hiboy S11 Electric skateboard is an affordable, lightweight, and durable board that you can take anywhere, anytime!

  • Hiboy S11 is an extremely affordable and lightweight e-board
  • There is an inclusion of four-speed and brake modes to offer a safer and desirable ride
  • Its strong, fast-charging, and powerful lithium-ion battery provides a longer cruise
  • The 13 MPH speed is fantastic to reach longer distances within a shorter time
  • The medium-sized durable deck has a cool design
  • Only a single hub motor
  • Less inclination angle doesn’t let the rider climb high hills

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5. VOKUL V1 Electric Skateboard

vokul v1 electric skateboardOne of the most advanced featured electric skateboards is put in front of you the “VOKUL V1 Electric skateboard.” The beautiful grey-colored combination is given to this cost-effective e-board that makes it highly catchy and simple.

You don’t need to switch on the board manually as you slide, it will switch on automatically. The same is in the case of switching off which takes place automatically after few minutes of rest.


The construction of V1’s deck is super durable done with the seven layers of high-quality Maple. Due to its sturdiness, it can support the weight limit of up to 200 pounds.

Both the battery and motor are the best features of this skateboard. There is a strong 350watt hub motor that conquers all kinds of terrain disturbances. And its super US Certified 7S2P lithium-ion battery offers a power of 4.4Ah to help you go up to 10 miles in a single full charge done in two hours.

Also, check out its outstanding Regenerative Brake Technology that restores energy when the brakes are applied and lets the board utilize it to give out maximum time performance.

There are a total of three-speed modes offered in this electric skateboard to let the rider drive in the way he wants. The lowest mode offers a speed of 6.3MPH and the highest mode offers 13 MPH that may reduce according to the load burden on the deck.

You can switch in between these modes by using your fingertips on its wireless smart remote control buttons. Furthermore, you can have more riding fun by conquering the hills with its 10 degrees of grade ability. With the grade increment, the speed may reduce.

However, there is also an inclusion of 70*51mm PU grey-colored wheels that don’t allow your feet to lose grip during a ride on uneven terrains. So, it is one of the best electric skateboard under $200 on which you can feel proud!

  • Having a short sized deck of 30 inches, this e-board offers high portability
  • There is a powerful fast charging 4.4Ah battery that combines with Regenerative Brake Technology to offer a long time run
  • The ten degrees inclination helps the rider conquer slopes easily
  • It also consists of a good weight supporting limit
  • Different speed modes offer a variety of riding styles
  • It is not safe for rainy days as water may seep into the charging hole or battery
  • The wheels are small that can lose grip sometimes
  • Speed begins to lessen when the rider is heavy-weighted

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 6. Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard:

SWAGSKATE NG2 38” A.I. Powered Electric Longboard SkateboardA special electric skateboard named “Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric skateboard” is coming to amaze you with its unmatchable portability and design.Equipped with smart sensors and extremely lightweight construction can give the rider the most thrilling and comfortable ride. Read the review and decide whether it suits your requirements or not!


Extremely dense polypropylene material is used to construct 19.6 inches cool deck. This material is crack-free, fade-free, and offers a proper lightweight, durable, flexible, and stable platform to the rider for exploring the world.

Moreover, if you have NG-3 then you don’t need to stress over carrying it with you. With its compactdesign, the short deck provides higher portability to let you just grab it and go anywhere!

There is no need fora remote with this electric skateboard as its smart responsive sensors will do the work of remote for you. The sensors automatically detect the balance, weight, and motion of a rider and let the board stop at a time when you dismount.

Ride longer and faster thanks to its Move-More Technology. So, be a pro skateboarder with its great capability to lock you with every kick-off at a maximum speed of 9.3MPH.

An affordable NG-3 electric skateboard also features smart, advanced, and appreciable LED system indicators. The colorful lights show your action like red color shows brake, green color pronounces ready to ride indication and colorful light indicates standby. It also gets double to show a movement indicator to pedestrians.

There is also an inclusion of 72mm (2.8”) PU wheels that smartly absorbs all the shocks of rocky terrains. So, you can have the most smooth and flexible ride on all roads.

To make this electric skateboard suitable for all kinds of terrains (whether high or low), the rider can conquer all these paths easily by the grace of its 5 degrees hill grade.

  • Remote-free, advanced technology electric skateboard with smart sensors
  • The battery takes only one and a half hour for a full charge
  • The small and durable deck offers a high level of portability
  • Its top speed is outstanding to cover up long distances within the small-time range
  • This electric skateboard is an affordable one that weighs less than 8lbs.; highly appreciative
  • The deck has less weight supporting capacity (only 68kg)
  • There is only a 100watt motor that offers a small range

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 7. WeSkate Electric Longboard:

WeSkate Electric LongboardLet’s meet with another outstanding simple electric longboard from WeSkate. It is one of the best electric skateboards for under 300 dollars that has a great variety of fantastic features for an exciting and safer ride. So, check out its review to know all the things you want!


The simply designed deck is made highly versatile. Its construction is done by the premium quality Maple. The eight plies of Maple materials are brought together to make the finest-quality deck of the WeSkate Electric skateboard. Due to its strength, it can easily carry weight up to 220 pounds.

It weighs less than 4.8 kg and featuring a high power 4000mAh lithium-ion battery. The Battery combines with the 350-watt motor to bring out the outclass performance and gives the ability to run 10 miles on a single full charge.

In this shiny electric skateboard, there are a huge variety of surprising features equipped that are offered within a small price range. Here look at its durable 90*52mm PU ground-gripping wheels. The large wheels are efficient in absorbing big to bigger shocks of all terrains to offer a smooth, flexible and safe ride.

Another fantastic feature is its smart wireless remote control system. By the magic of your fingertips, switch in between acceleration, brakes, three-speed modes, forward, backward, etc. Also, stay in touch with the remaining battery shown the three LED indicators of the remote.

Its speed modes are highly appreciative because it offers a good speed range. The lowest speed mode runs your board at a speed of 10km/hr.; the medium one follows a speed of 15 km/hr. While the top speed modecan increase the speed up to 20km/hr.

Just charge your battery within three hours and take your board on longer rides by conquering the hills along with thanking its 25 degrees inclination capability!

  • This e-board’s high hill grade is quite appreciative
  • There are large wheels that offer more gripping to the rider
  • It is a waterproof electric skateboard with a handle to make it easy to carry
  • The battery is highly powerful that offers long miles range
  • There is an inclusion of outstanding motor that allows the rider to reach a maximum speed of 20km/hr.
  • This electric skateboard is not suitable for kids
  • It is a slightly heavy and unattractive skateboard

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 8. Youth Electric Skateboard Electric Longboard:

Youth Electric Skateboard Electric LongboardThe Youth Electric skateboard is officially made for young people to enhance their interest in riding by providing them with a safer, comfortable, and durable electric skateboard. Not a costly e-board, one can easily afford it even he/she is a beginner.

So guys, if you’re more than eight years then you cannot find a better option than Youth electric skateboard. Read its review and just purchase!


First of all, look at the highly versatile construction of the deck that is done with the combination of seven layers of Maple. The hard rock Maple is of premium quality on the deck and the surface is made like a frosted one to make it a safer electric skateboard under $300. It can support the load limit of up to 220lbs.

One-to-all controls will be in the palm of your hands. You can up slide the regulator located at the side of the remote to accelerate or down the slide to apply brakes. The remote range is up to 14 meters.

The digital remote also shows the left battery to alarm you for charging. Also switch in between three-speed modes (high, medium, low) according to your needs.

The 11 pounds longboard is also equipped with the 250watt brushless hub motor that works along with the 24V 2200mAh lithium-ion battery to support the board go on a range of 6-8 miles. One can attain a maximum speed of 12MPH on this super classic electric skateboard.  Just charge its battery within two hours and take your board as long as you want!

Furthermore, there are strong PU wheels added to this skateboard. The wheels are durable enough to combat all kinds of rocky surfaces within milliseconds.

  • It is an affordable and lightweight electric skateboard for youth
  • This e-board is simple-designed yet containing a handle for increasing portability
  • Different speed modes are provided to offer multiple riding styles
  • There is a smart, digital wireless remote with multiple controls
  • The weight loading limit is quite good to carry weight up to 100 KGs
  • This electric skateboard is not recommendable for pro riders due to lack of advanced features
  • Its battery is not that much powerful

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 9. DEVO Electric Skateboard:

DEVO Electric SkateboardA last but another best option is selected for you. The Devo electric skateboard is ideal for all kinds of commuting, office work, class riding, craving, performing stunts, or exploring the city. With the better style and advanced features, this electric skateboard somehow looks like a treat to grab!


To make Devo electric skateboard fully waterproof and non-slip part, there are seven plies of Maple materials used for its construction. It gives the biggest strength to the deck that easily supports the weight limit up to 100KGs.

Come to the introduction of its efficient 29.4V 2000mAh lithium-ion battery. This battery is powerful enough to get charged full within 2 hours and support the rider ride through the range of 5-10 miles/ charge. You will also get amazed by the board’s reverse capability!

It is an affordable electric skateboard that also accompanies the 350Watt single but efficient motor. It offers the board to ride on the three-speed modes (low, medium, high) with a maximum speed of 20km/hr. These speed modes are provided here on the board to make it an ideal e-board for toddlers, beginners, intermediate, and pro skaters.

Now the remote introduction is super impressive that allows the rider has all the controls on the touch of buttons. There is a wireless 2.4GHz remote containing LED indicators that help the rider to switch in between accelerate/brake, forward/backward, speed modes, and show the battery life left (100%, 50%, and 10%).

A treat feature is also here “two frog-eyed lights.” These lights help you cruising on dark streets or during night times. Thus, you can confidently ride on your Devo electric skateboard. No matter what your skill level is orat what time you begin riding!

  • Featuring two frog-eyed lights to bring brightness on your way of ride
  • Three-speed modes allow the rider to ride according to the required speed level
  • It is an extremely portable electric skateboard that only weighs 9 pounds
  • There is a good weight supporting limit that can bear the weight up to 100 KGs
  • The maximum speed of 20km/hr. is strong enough to help you reach your destination at a time
  • Its range is less, not ideal for very long distances
  • Not recommendable for kids (less than 10 years)

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What are the Main Factors you should consider before buying an electric skateboard under 300$?

Finding an ideal electric skateboard under $300 is not that simple as it requires some effort and time in selecting the right choice. Likewise, there is a need of considering some main factors that should be good enough in an electric skateboard to help you in enjoying your ride with safety, comfort, and stability.

We have mentioned some main factors below that are important and should be according to it. If you want the best electric skateboard, find the described features in it before buying:

  • Versatility:

The versatility of the deck is one of the most important factors that make the pillar of an electric skateboard. So, the deck should be enough versatile, strong, and long-lasting. If these three qualities are there in a deck, you will be able to enjoy your ride daily without a bit of stressing over its breakage, scratches, or cracks.

Also if you have found a waterproof electric skateboard, it is like icing on the cake. A waterproof deck allows you to explore the world, daily cruising, or reach the destination on all roads or weather conditions without a bit of risk of hazardous safety issues.

  • Battery:

The lithium-ion battery is far better than other types of batteries that are here in our e-boards of the list. Going with it is a wise decision, but how much capability it has is must be considered. Higher mAh batteries are recommendable over lower ones because the high is the mAh, the longer the operating time you will get from it.

If you want to ride on long distances then it is advised to choose a battery offering more than 3000mAh power. But if your riding is limited to small cruising then 2000mAh is surely enough to fulfill your requirements.

  • Portability:

Portability is a must-to-consider factor mainly for those who want to carry their boards with themselves everywhere. If you’re the same, then must choose a lightweight electric skateboard from the list. It allows you to easily take it anywhere without putting in much effort.

Also, if a handle is there then it is for your feasibility to grab your electric skateboard from a handle and go anywhere!

  • Wheels:

Wheels are of great importance in an e-board as it decides the level of smoothness you get during riding. An electric skateboard should be equipped with large, durable, and shock-absorbing wheels that can run smoothly on all kinds of rocky surfaces. The size range of 70-90mm is most recommendable!


Q1. How much weight can an electric skateboard hold?

ANS. When you going towards purchasing an electric skateboard, must consider the weight it can hold. It is because if your board can support the weight of a rider or not. The average electric skateboards usually can support the weight ranges from 130 lbs. to 220 lbs. If you’re less-weighted then 150 lbs. is enough but if you’re heavy-weighted then must go for 220 lbs. or above!

Q2. Are all electric skateboards waterproof?

ANS. All the electric skateboards in the market are not waterproof. Water-resistant electric skateboards don’t let the water get in. Thus, waterproof electric skateboards keep the rider safe from any kind of hazards when riding during rainy seasons or on wet surfaces.

Q3. How do you control speed on an electric skateboard? 

ANS. While all the electric skateboards offer different speed modes, it is necessary to have some control system. Usually, there is a wireless remote control that comes along with an electric skateboard that allows you to change your speed mode at your fingertips.

Q4. What is the recommendable age to start skateboarding? 

ANS. Skateboard is a fun sport but if it is done with all safety arrangements. The safe side is to start skateboarding at the age of 7+ years. Till this time, the feet have enough stability and the body has enough balance to meet the demands of stable and balanced skateboarding!

Final Verdict:

As we have already discussed the main things one can require while purchasing an electric skateboard and also have made a list of the best nine electric skateboards under 300 dollars. Now it’s your turn to find the right electric skateboard that helps you to enjoy your ride. So,

Are you ready to explore the world? Purchase an ideal one and have fun!

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