Best Electric Skateboards Under 500$ -Buying Guide & Reviews

Nowadays, transportation has become a major problem. To cover long distances, performing quick errands; people wanted something special that can save their time and efforts up to a higher extent. Looking up on people’s desires, …


Nowadays, transportation has become a major problem. To cover long distances, performing quick errands; people wanted something special that can save their time and efforts up to a higher extent. Looking up on people’s desires, an invention of an outstanding vehicle was done named “Electric Skateboards Under 500.”

The invention of electric skateboards has made lives easy, comfortable, and stress-free. It has become very popular till now. Most people are widely utilizing this technology for performing tasks, reaching offices or schools, practicing stunts, and covering up long distances within a very short time.

When the demand rises, the prices also start to meet the sky.  Here is what same happens with the price tags of the electric skateboards. There is a lot of variety of electric skateboards in the market with the purest construction, and the best features. But the thing is, they demand huge prices.

Especially being beginners, everyone cannot afford to spend a huge amount on electric board’s purchase. To make this daunting decision easy, we decided to gather up the most affordable electric skateboards for you.
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Hiboy S22 electric Skateboard

  • 18.5 MPH Top Speeds
  • Light-weight Durable
  • Fast-charging Powerful


KYNG 38”

Kyng 38” Electric skateboard

  • Powerful battery
  • Compact designed
  • Great weight supporting



URBAN PRO Electric skateboard

  • Fast charging
  • Extremely lightweight
  • 20 MPH Top speed

Check out the list and buying guide to make your ideal selection and to consider what are the most important factors to look up for, when buying an electric skateboard.

List of best electric skateboards under 500$:

The range of $500 is often an affordable price range. So, we have gathered the best nine electric skateboards for under 500 dollars for you, containing excellent features and sturdy construction. Choose yours among them and get a mind-blowing electric skateboard by spending an amount of fewer than 500 dollars.


1. Hiboy S22 electric Skateboard:

Hiboy S22 electric SkateboardWe are starting our list with the beautiful, attractive, and durable Hiboy S22 Electric skateboard as our first pick up. The superb durable electric skateboard is ready to help you meet the fun of exciting and smooth rides on all kinds of terrains.

It is equipped with durable wheels, an excellent motor, and a versatile deck that figures on the road graph and defeats all kinds of uneven surfaces for a rider. Excellent for quick errands due to their highest speed!


First of all, notice its two-sided U-SHAPED catchy look of the deck in a combination of red and black. The deck is made of seven layers of maple that offers a strong construction. The versatile trucks with the U-shaped top bottoms, the longboard is best in providing the greatest flexibility and stability to the feet.

To make this cheap longboard best for professionals too, there is an inclusion of four ride modes inside. Choose your desired ride mode according to the ride you want by moving your fingers on its smart, handy remote control. As all the controlling features are there in one device.

The skateboard also works for the safety of a rider by the grace of its four brake modes. There isa total of four brake modes accompanying this fastest, and affordable electric skateboard that too offer a much safer ride.

Its 36V/ 4.4 Lithium-ion battery is a provision of 13 miles easy ride on a single charge within two hours.  There is an efficient 350watt dual hub motor that is capable to attain a speed of 18.5 MPH. This means you can go longer within a shorter time range.

Thanks to its large 9 cm big wheels and a super grippy grip tape for being here on the board. Both of them allow the rider to smoothly move in forward or reverse directions. Its streamlined powerful body can efficiently support the weight up to 220 pounds.

Overall; you can explore the places, perform amazing stunts, reach your work or study place, or perform quick errands with Excellency on this gorgeous, eye-catching e-board. The ride will be fun when you have owned a Hiboy S22 Electric skateboard!

  • Four ride and brake modes offer a different style of riding with safety
  • There is a short charging time of a powerful battery (just 2 hours)
  • Large wheels offer a more stable and flexible ride
  • Good weight supporting limit is another inspiring feature
  • 18.5 MPH is an excellent speed for performing quick errands
  • Lightweight, stylish and durable deck
  • Couldn’t accommodate a person more than 100 KG
  • The slightly short range can be a drawback for professionals

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2. Kyng 38” Electric skateboard:

Kyng 38” Electric skateboardThere is a huge variety of skateboards introduced by the “Kyng.” The reason for its’ continuous introduction of new and advanced electric skateboards is the preference of the people towards Kyng electric skateboards as the foremost priority.

The Kyng 38 inches longboard is one of these fantastic skateboards that are less in price but outstanding in performance. With the durable construction and excellent features, the Kyng 38” electric skateboard will fire up the street with its thrilling performance!


A high profile longboard has provided the highest-quality construction. The deck is constructed by a combination of five-ply Canadian Maple wood with two-ply Bamboo material. Both of these materials make the deck so sturdy and strong that can easily support the weight up to 250 pounds.

Moreover, a versatile deck is protected by the wrapping of a strong fiberglass core to keep the deck away from scratches. It means that the Kyng skateboard is “Strong in construction, light in weight!”

The incredible longboard can score the topmost speeds that are up to 23 MPH+. It is because of the service of the 450-watt dual motors that run efficiently to reach this speed within a short time. Furthermore, the board allows a max range of 12 to 15 miles on a single charge.

Not only maximum speed mode option you would have as there is a total count of four-speed modes; the lowest one (12MPH), the medium (15MPH), High speed (19MPH) and the maximum speed that can be attained is MORE THAN 23MPH.

To keep the concave-shaped deck 3.1 inches off the ground, the 90mm wheels are here for this purpose. The wheels provide the smoothest ride by thanking its 4000mAh lithium-ion battery. The battery just takes two to four hours for a complete charge and allows a long ride with ease.

For the safety of a rider on long rides, there is a smart Innovative Braking Technology includes in this list of cheap electric skateboards under $500. The latest technology allows the battery to get charged on the application of brakes. Hence, allows a much longer ride!

Here is the inclusion of a 25% hill grade to allow the rider to climb high. Its waterproof solid construction makes the longboard suitable for all terrains and weather conditions.

There is a provision of an ergonomic remote controller with an electric e-board. With the LED SCREEN and outgrowing buttons, you can check and control all of your board and ride settings. Just use the thumb throttle to manage your ride perfectly.

Ensuring your trust, the Kyng has offered a ONE YEAR Guarantee to let you avail yourself peace of mind and satisfaction!

  • Different speed modes make this e-board best for beginners and experts
  • 4000 mAh powerful battery offers a huge run time
  • Compact designed longboard with sturdy construction from three materials (Canadian Maple, Bamboo, and fiberglass).
  • The fastest top speed 23+MPH is best for professional riders
  • Great weight supporting capacity especially for heavy riders
  • Sometimes, the battery takes long hours to get fully charged
  • A slight longboard can cause portability issues

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3. URBANPRO Electric skateboard:

URBAN PRO Electric skateboardPresenting to you the best selection as a gift for all kids, adults, or seniors or the ideal selection for your daily ride and stunt practices, choose “URBANPRO Electric Skateboard”. This brand is one of the biggest competitors of the market especially due to their low price tags.

This affordable electric skateboard has brought all the exciting features that can make your journey beautiful. A cool & fun time you can experience whenever you ride on your URBANPRO Electric Skateboard.


Now begin your every journey on this solid 11-layered deck longboard. The URBANPRO Board is made by the combination of Canadian Maple and fiberglass to reach the highest durability level. The deck materials are scratches-free and strong enough to support the rider’s weight up to 265 pounds.

The tiger’s tattooed black e-board is also equipped with a 400watt brushless motor. The motor is efficient and allows a good range of a maximum of 10 miles. Now, be ready to conquer the slopes with ease by its 20% hill grade.

A powerful & thrilling ride desire cannot be finished without protection. For this purpose, there is also a provision of portable wireless remote control. Just move your thumb to switch among directions, three-speed modes, or brakes to have a properly balanced, stable, safe, and memorable ride!

Extra gripping is done here by its highly powered durable Polyurethane wheels. Its high profile wheels are a provision of maintaining balance on all kind of roads to let the rider enjoy a stable ride. The 3.55 inches large wheels are ready to easily go through uneven surfaces, even on the fastest speed mode.

Not its introduction ends here as you must meet with the 4.0 AH high power large LG lithium-ion battery. Just take care not to do overcharging as the battery gets fully charged within three hours. Enjoy a long-distance run of 10 miles on a single full charge.

Its weight of 17 pounds is pretty good to offer the highest portability facility. The 35 inches good-sized deck and its lightweight compact design are here to help you easily carry it anywhere. Switch between speed modes as required and get the thrilling ride on your URBANPRO electric skateboard!

  • There is a provision of good 20 MPH Top speed for a thrilling ride
  • Extremely lightweight and durable 35 inches deck
  • Fast charging 4000mAh powerful lithium-ion battery
  • The solid deck can support up to 265 pounds of weight
  • High-quality PU wheels are strong enough to offer great stability
  • No handle for extra safety for beginners
  • There is a short maximum range on a fully-charged battery
  • Only a single 400watt motor

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4. Atom Electric B10 skateboard:

Atom Electric B10 skateboardAnother lightweight extraordinary electric skateboard choice is brought in front of you. Atom B10 board is one of the best skateboards of the b-series offering ultimate protection, fantastic stability, and a thrilling ride to the rider.

It is a simple board with a lightning sign on the handle side clearing its ability to be as quick as lightning. The versatile electric skateboard is just waiting for your start kick and the rest journey will be up to your hand controller. Best for each and everywhere ride!


The inclusion of a convenient carry handle on the side is a new feature we find rarely on some boards. A versatile low center of gravity deck with a handle helps the rider to go through all kinds of surfaces with stability, flexibility, and convenience.

Charging just within 2 hours! Yes, there is a2.5Ah 36V lithium battery in this e-board for the fastest long time performance. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery capacity is 90Wh that works along with the powerful 1000watt brushless dc motor to offer the highest speed of 16 MPH.

We are thankful for the foc sine-wave controller to be here on this board that allows the rider the smoothest braking and acceleration feasibility during long hours’ ride.

There is a mind-blowing feature of regenerative brakes equipped in it. This technology is truly useful especially during long-distance rides as it lets the battery charge with a brake. It helps the rider to ride more extra miles efficiently!

The straightforward design should not be taken for granted as there are a lot of surprising abilities hidden inside. With its 12% hill grade, it allows the rider to boost itself up to the high hill range. A versatile kicktail feature is also an appreciative one.

It offers a maximum range of seven miles that is best for beginners. Hence, the Atom B10 Electric skateboard (of only 11 lbs. weight) is one of the most affordable electric skateboards for beginners to become a pro rider very soon!

  • Best for adults and beginners use
  • Extremely lightweight construction is here to meet the portability demands
  • Regenerative brakes help in battery charging to help the rider on long cruises
  • A highly powerful 1000Watt brushless dc motor is here to offer smooth acceleration
  • The battery takes less time (only 2 hours) for a full charge
  • There are enough good speed and range especially for beginners riding
  • There is a 2.5 Ah lithium-ion battery that cannot support longest distances
  • Not an excellent choice for professional riders

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5. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric skateboard:

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric skateboardAlouette has introduced an extremely cheapest longboard to meet the price range of its beloved customers. You can enjoy the ultimate riding enjoyment on your Alouette Phoenix longboard because its many outstanding features will help you to do it.

You don’t need to stress over going on long distances as there is a total provision of an extraordinary sturdy and stable deck. So, enjoy the most reliable performance on this affordable electric skateboard under $500 without spending a huge amount on its purchase!


Whenever the construction feature is talked about, we always find a highly durable product. The durability makes the product usable for a longer time and serves a lot. The same is in the case of skateboards and you will surely not regret choosing an Alouette Long electric skateboard as your first preference.

It consists of a highly durable construction done on deck with 7 Ply Maple to give it more strength and power. Enjoy the extreme top speed of 16 MPH on this stable deck by keeping your feet in a highly balanced position.

Let’s move on to its 250watt dual brushless 83mm hub motors that are efficient and transfer their efficiency on a board to perform a thrilling ride. The e-board allows a maximum 14 miles range on a fully charged 4400 mAh 25.2V lithium-ion battery.

Take your board out of the box and start your ride at the same time with the extra smart remote controller. The remote accompanies DISPLAY SCREEN and both help in controlling and checking speed, mileage, braking, and power consumption.

Along with its Regenerative Braking technology, you can go long extra miles with ease. Defeating all the old technologies, there is an inclusion of CRUISE CONTROL FUNCTION. This function simply allows you to cruise anywhere daily, making the Alouette electric board your first and best choice!

The grip and balance usually satisfy during a ride when the wheels are strong enough equipped with this board. Complete satisfaction is here due to its large and strong polyurethane wheels. The red-colored wheels are durable and completely ready to go through smoothly on all kinds of uneven paths.

We cannot ignore its high 15% climbing angle feature. Also, its large 32 inches Maple deck can support the maximum weight limit of up to 132 pounds. This lightweight longboard comes along with a total six Months warranty that is a complete satisfaction part for the purchaser!

  • A perfect combination of black deck and red wheels enhances the board’s beauty
  • An extraordinary powerful fast-charging battery is here to help in long-range riding
  • Regenerative brakes technology supports long journeys
  • A 32 inches long deck helps the rider enjoy stability and flexibility during a long ride
  • Extremely affordable and lightweight (less than 10 lbs.)
  • Highly strong and durable PU Wheels works best on all terrains
  • There is a less weight supporting capacity of the deck
  • No handle for extra support

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6. Verreal F1 Dual 720W Hub motor Electric skateboard:

Verreal F1 Dual 720W Hub motor Electric skateboardOne more affordable electric skateboard has lined up being one of the biggest competitors in price and versatility. There is a provision of many exciting features here on this board to withstand all the riding demands of all the riders.

No need to worry about durability or professional riding when you have Verreal electric skateboard with you. It is perfect for all riding types with its various speed modes. All these features make this e-board one of the best skateboards for beginners and professionals.


Extreme durability level has reached here by the 7-ply Canadian Maple deck that makes it best for all ages and weights of people. The concave-shaped deck is highly durable to support a weight of up to 120 KG. It means that even a 260 pounds weighing person could easily enjoy a thrilling ride on Verreal longboard.

What’s make this board more powerful? Its 720watt dual 90mm hub motors! The 55mm wide hub motors and standard battery offer a long-range ride based on different speed modes. The fastest speed modes allow a maximum range of 8.7 miles (14km) while the slow modes offer 11 miles (17.7km) range.

With a rotational speed of 2600 rounds/ minute, the wheels are strong and made of Polyurethane materials. The 90 x 54mm wheels defeat the road friction and offer a smooth accelerated ride.

Is it battery powerful enough to support you during long rides? Yes, for sure! There is a 4000mAh battery equipped in this affordable electric skateboard for under 500 dollars that only takes 1.5 hours for a full charge. So, within a short time charge, you can enjoy a long run on your favorite board!

A super controller is here in the shape of a 3.7V/400mAh wireless remote. Gets charged within one hour and allows you to manage acceleration/ deceleration, braking, direction, speed modes, etc.

As we have already discussed the range, let’s talk about its different speed modes. There are a total of three-speed modes offered include Fast mode (40KMPH / 24.85MPH), Medium mode (30KMPH / 18.6MPH), and Slow mode (20KMPH / 12.4MPH).

The 7.5 KGs electric skateboard also offers a perfect climb angle of 25-30%. Here is the total preparation for the safety of the rider done in e-board by imparting the hall sensor and Sinusoidal Wave Drive in it. Both of these qualities perfectly protect the rider and help to perform a safe, smooth, and steady ride.

Furthermore, the regenerative brakes charge the battery when the brakes are applied. In this way, the rider can go on the longest runs. Overall, it is an affordable electric skateboard that perfectly suits all types of riders.

  • It is a longboard with the fastest charging powerful battery
  • Best for kids, adults, beginners, and professionals
  • A good hill grade let the rider climb high
  • There is a fantastic 260 lbs. weight supporting limit that help each rider enjoy a thrilling ride
  • Large PU Wheels helps in the smoothest and stable ride
  • Quick rechargeable remote (within 1 hour)
  • Lack of handle on a deck
  • It is slightly heavy compared to other boards on the list
  • There is a modest small range, not ideal for long-distance rides

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7. Teamgee H9 38” Electric skateboard:

Teamgee H5 37” Electric SkateboardYou can also go with another great competitor skateboard brand of the market “the Teamgee.” Founded in 2016, Teamgee has now become one of the most popular brands in more than 30 countries of the world. Teamgee is an expert in designing unique skateboards with the most durable construction.

There are a large variety of different types of skateboards offered by the Teamgee and H9 is one of them. The H9 38 inches electric skateboard has received a lot of appreciation from the people due to its outstanding quality and variety of advanced features.


This 3.1 inches from the ground e-board has an attractive and unique design. The shiny pink along with the shiny blue makes a perfect look with the Teamgee name in the middle. The 38 inches deck is of premium quality and made with 9-ply Canadian maple with the combination of 1 layer of fiberglass. The only 0.6 inches thickness of the deck is mind-blowing in offering a fully stable ride.

The aluminum with magnesium alloy truck accompanying this e-board is efficient enough to drive smoothly on uneven surfaces. Its 480watt dual hub motors are so powerful to ensure steady fast performance.

To offer an exciting ride with superb control in your palm, it one of the best affordable electric skateboard under 500 dollars also brings a wireless remote control. It has set up the four driving modes (highest, high, medium, and low) and four brake modes (B1, B2, B3, B4).

The speed modes help you choose your desired speed to want a time and the brakes ensure your safety. So, choose your modes to experience a memorable fun ride.

The effortless climbing you can experience by its 25 degrees hill grade. Protect yourself and ride freely on all types of roads, highways, or terrains.

To avoid excessive weight in the board, instead of a heavy battery Teamgee H9 has used a lightweight 3.5 Ah polymer battery. It supports the rider on long distances without being a burden to carry. Just charge your battery within 3 hours and take your board everywhere as a convenient transportation tool.

Make your daily ride endless fun with the maximum speed of 40km/hr and 11 miles of range. Weighing only 15.3 pounds, the Teamgee H9 skateboard is truly a masterpiece.

  • A long deck is made strong by Canadian Maple and fiberglass
  • The deck is beautifully designed to ensure attractiveness in this board
  • There is a powerful 960watt hub motor to manage a balance between a stable and smooth ride
  • High hill grade (25 degrees) helps the rider to climb higher
  • There is a provision of four-speed modes and brake modes to ensure a protected, desireful ride
  • The speed of 40km/hr is good enough to reach long distant places
  • The battery takes a long time for a full charge
  • Not a good range is here

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8. MEEPO Mini 2 Electric skateboard:

MEEPO Mini 2 Electric skateboardA pretty mini shiny black look of this electric skateboard has a fantastic ride performing ability. From the biggest construction to the short wheels, the e-board has achieved success to every extent. The mini skateboard is not only offering perfect riding but also the highest portability to let you carry it everywhere with ease.

It is an ideal skateboard for beginners and professionals due to its outstanding features that help in drive steadily and with excellence. Buy this Meepo Mini 2 electric skateboard and cruise every day to become a master rider.


There is a premium construction done in the Mini 2 deck with the seven layers of Canadian Maple. The 30 inches short simple deck is a sturdy part that greatly supports the rider’s feet to stay in a stable position. Although the greatest advantage of being mini here is to be a super portable vehicle.

Its high powered motors are too awesome that offer a fast speed of 25 MPH (40kph). While if you’re a professional rider, you can enjoy its pro speed of 28 MPH (45kph).

You cannot ignore its super outstanding battery that accompanies a good range of 11 miles (17.7km). Just go on long journeys without being worried about the battery as it has brought enough capacity to support you on long-distance rides.

Moving on to its smart handy remote control that comes as a gift with a Mini 2 skateboard. The remote with buttons consists of an LCD screen through which you can control or check all the settings of your board or ride.

Select the speed mode you require, apply brakes efficiently, check the battery and remote capacity and manage direction by this outstanding remote controller.

You can easily recognize the sturdiness of this board’s deck by looking at the weight limit it can support. Up to almost 300 pounds, this electric skateboard is surely ready to support the rider. Also, the nine centimeters strong, durable wheels capture every up and down on the road and maintain the smoothness and grip of the ride.

You should also appreciate its 17 pounds lightweight body that makes it highly portable. Overall, it is an outstanding choice for all types of riders.

  • The price tag is so satisfying for almost every person
  • An advantageous part especially for professional riders is its pro speed mode that allows you to reach almost 28 MPH
  • The mini deck is made with highly durable materials (waterproof and shock-absorption)
  • There is a mind-blowing weight supporting limit- up to 300 pounds
  • A relief part is its six months warranty
  • The 17 lbs. weight is less that offers good portability feasibility
  • This board is not suitable for kids under 10 years
  • Lack of any handle on deck

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9. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard:

Boosted Mini X Electric SkateboardWhen the name of Boosted is seen, you must believe then the quality will be mind-blowing. Presenting to you the most affordable electric skateboard by Boosted named “the Mini X Electric Skateboard.” This mini skateboard is just mini in size but consists of all the outstanding features in it that are required to allow the rider to enjoy the thrilling ride.

So, you won’t get disappointed by getting it, especially when you’re a beginner as this electric skateboard is mostly recommended for beginners!


Taking a start with its compact-design, medium-sized deck. The black composite deck has proved to be the highest durable part of this electric skateboard under 500$.  There is a combination of high-quality composite with a wrapping of strong fiberglass core. They make the construction highly strong and durable to fight with any kind of terrains’ obstacles.

Besides having strong construction, the Mini X also consists of a powerful, fast-charging lithium-ion battery. Its fast-charge represents the quality of getting full charge just within 1 hour 45 minutes. On a full charge, the rider can enjoy a smooth going and come back through a 14 miles range on this affordable Boosted electric skateboard.

Not only a good range is here, but also there is an inclusion of the best top speeds of 18MPH and 20MPH. You can reach the longest distances within a short time by choosing the top-most speeds of this e-board. Best for quick errands, quick for long rides!

Moving on towards its excellent lunar 80mm wheels that play the important role in providing a smooth ride. The versatile deck and the durable wheels perfectly play their roles in maintaining balance and stability to the rider’s feet. Defeating back uneven surfaces, the wheels provide a super smooth roll.

Moreover, there is an addition of 1,000 watts motor that offers the most reliable and refined ride. Being a professional, climb anything with ease by thanking its 20% hill grade capability.

Helping out in quick pivoting and managing imperfections of the road, there also features a superb kicktail design. Just securely get over the 90 degrees turn on your Mini X. For a rider’s safety, the Boosted skateboard is also equipped with regenerative brakes.

Here also comes a small smart remote control with it. Both of them play important role in keeping the rider safe and successful. The cutting-edge firmware of the remote easily locks to your palm and fingers and provide a super, smart one-touch ride controlling facility.

  • Compact, medium-sized deck offers the highest portability
  • The battery gets fully charged within less than two hours
  • High power motor for a thrilling ride
  • The smart, handy, and reliable remote control allows a safe ride
  • Outstanding top speeds for long-distance cruising
  • Different speed modes offer the desired riding experience
  • Slightly heavy construction can cause difficulty in lifting up
  • Not suitable for kids
  • Simple black-colored deck lacks attractiveness

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Main Factors you should consider before buying an electric skateboard under 500$:

Are you out in search of the best electric skateboard that comes under 500 dollars? We have a list above of the electric skateboard according to this range but the main thing is to find an ideal one according to your riding requirements. So, it is very necessary to look at the buying guide to meet an ideal selection.

Some main factors should be there in an electric skateboard. If there is a lack of anyone factor, your money may get wasted and you will not be able to achieve the ride you want in actuality. Must consider all the factors mentioned below to spend your money at the right place.

  • Price:

Whenever a person starts searching for an electric skateboard, one of the main factors that come to mind is the price tag in front. Price does matter because when you buy luxury for yourself, it is wise to be within your range limit.

To let you offer your budget skateboards, we have made a list of the best electric skateboards under 500$. 500 dollars is a middle price range especially in the case of electric skateboards. You have a lot of choices under 500 dollars, so select according to your budget.

  • Deck Construction:

The deck is one of the prominent as well as important features of the electric skateboard. The stability level of the ride mostly depends on the deck. If the deck is made with durable materials then your feet will stay at a stable position throughout the journey.

Furthermore, the quality of the deck also decides that how much weight it can carry. So, make sure to go for the skateboard in which the deck is constructed with highly durable materials. It is recommended to go with the deck that is made with the Canadian Maple materials along with the fiberglass. It is the right durable material choice!

  • Weight supporting capacity:

This factor matters especially when you are heavily weighted. Every electric skateboard has a particular weight supporting limit. So, if you’re a heavy-weighted person; do consider the weight supporting capacity allowed by the skateboard to buy a perfect board in which you can enjoy a fun ride every day!

  • Portability:

If an electric skateboard is of your daily use then a must-to-consider factor is the portability of it. Portability is a beneficial part of an electric skateboard that allows a person to carry it along everywhere without applying many efforts.

So, must check the weight of an electric skateboard before purchasing and try to purchase a lightweight e-board to achieve high portability feasibility. Cruise any time with your board anywhere!

  • Speed:

This factor especially matters for pro riders. The reason behind it they are not purchasing a skateboard to learn to ride, instead they need a special vehicle to enhance their riding abilities and to reach their destination quickly.

So, if you already know to ride and want to become a master of it; must consider the maximum speed offered by an electric skateboard to perform quick errands, reach long distances in a short time, and inspire people with amazing stunts!

  • Water-resistant:

All the skateboards are not water-resistant. But, the wise decision is to select a fully water-proof electric skateboard. A Water-resistant board doesn’t allow the water to get in and let the rider drive easily and smoothly on wet roads.

So, try to purchase a water-resistant electric skateboard to get a board that can help you reach your destination in every weather or road conditions.

  • Battery capacity:

Battery capacity or battery size is the main factor that impacts a lot on board. Although you’re a daily commuter who wants to travel to a workplace or study place every day or you’re a sometimes rider, both of you need to consider this factor.

If you go on long distances then buy a board with a large battery that can help you in covering long rides without being stressed out of the battery’s charging. But, if you use your board for riding sometimes in a small range then it is an ideal decision to select an e-board with a short battery.

The size of the battery impacts a board’s weight. So, a small battery can help you easily carry your board anywhere.


Q1. How much are electric skateboards?

ANS. The price range varies a lot in the market due to difference in qualities or shortage of features. Usually, the electric skateboards show a price range from $200 to $2,000. So, a budget of $500 is much better to get a good electric skateboard for daily cruising.

Q2. How long do electric skateboards last?

ANS. The age of electric skateboards refers to the age of the battery. Battery’s age depends upon the quality and the highest quality you can get by spending higher prices. The common time to which electric skateboards last is usually one to three years.

Q3. How fast can an electric skateboard go?

ANS. Different skateboards have different speed ranges. The average speed range of most electric skateboards ranges from 16 mph to 30 mph. There are also high-class electric skateboards under 500 that offer more than 40 MPH. but for that, you need to pay more prices. So, if you are going on a range of 500 dollars, the first range graph is an excellent choice!

Q4. Does handle matters in electric skateboards?

ANS. Not really! You can easily carry your skateboards without handles too. But, it is good if a handle is there, especially for beginners. So, you can go stress-free for an electric skateboard with or without a handle.

Q5. How heavy is an electric skateboard?

ANS. The weight of an electric skateboard is decided by the size and weight of the motor, battery, and wheels. Many electric skateboards weigh around 10 to 25 pounds. So, it is better to go for a lighter one, which means highly portable!

Final Verdict:

Are you ready to cruise amazingly on your outstanding vehicle without spending a huge amount? Is your range is under $500?

If yes then you have stopped at the right site as we have made a perfect list of affordable best electric skateboards under 500 dollars. All the electric skateboards in the list slightly vary in price but all of them are capable enough to help you meet with the thrilling fun ride.

So, choose an e-board that attracts your vision, satisfying your requirements, and suiting your price range. Enhance your riding abilities, fulfill your works and show your talents.

Hope you will surely become a pro rider soon!

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