Top 10 Best Skateboards For Girls – Buying Guide and Reviews

Skateboarding is always a fun sport. Folks and especially the youngsters tend to have a deep interest in it. Though it looks a bit dangerous considering the safety checks, the proper guidance and the know-how …

Best Skateboards For Girls

Skateboarding is always a fun sport. Folks and especially the youngsters tend to have a deep interest in it.

Though it looks a bit dangerous considering the safety checks, the proper guidance and the know-how may lead to mastering this funky sport.

We should allow the sport-lovers to stroll the skateboard in a confined area and off the roads when it comes to safety. But, yes, the roads in the neighborhood still seem okay than those with the vehicles passing through.

Skateboarding can often turn out to be deviating from the course and becomes uncontrollable by grabbing the high speed, especially when coming down the slope. So, it is wise to learn the art of braking rather than strolling on the board.

With all these safety issues you can face, it is still a sport that is considered funny, funky, and demanding in most parts of the world.

For that very reason, we have compiled some fantastic and top-of-the-line ten best skateboards for girls to show what skill they got.

Thankfully, it is not a gender-discriminating sport after all, just that you need your girl to learn it well before hitting the floor.

So, stay put and find your best out of this exclusive list of skateboards dedicated solely to the girls!

List of Best Skateboards for Girls:

Do not let your girls stick to the classic gameplays when they can freely hit the neighborhood with these best skateboards for girls to show what they got!

1- Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ Complete Skateboard:

We have never seen something this lightweight and densely portable skateboard than the Landyachtz Dinghy!

Yet being a complete skateboard available in 28″ size, this much of the size is widely considered to be ‘oversized.’ So, the girls of any age can comfortably glide it by having both their feet spread around the board.


The spacious deck length of 28″ still saves the room to move the feet around and perform the stunts. Still, the speed comes with a bigger wheelbase to the size of 60mm that revolves the faster without turning super hot, and the material used converts the wheel to melt and rub against braking. It is like you can use this girl-specific skateboard for years to come.

But wait… Are you uncertain of the fact as to what makes a super lightweight skateboard available in the market? Yeah, you should be because we did not unveil the natural make of the deck. But, to cut the story short, the maple-made deck is the ultimate contributor that helps cut down the weight heavily. So, you can glide fast, slit the wind force, and make you feel like you got the wings.

And the appropriate research done on the wheel flares and the wheel wells ensures bending the board would not take to bite the wheels, and the adequate clearance does not let the wheels come into the locking situation at all. So, ride and glide the way you want without locking and causing the braking on its own to show the spectators what you got! 🙂

Just do not wanna ride and glide the skateboard on the straight road, we understand the urge of showing the manuals and the flip tricks where Landyachtz Dinghy allows you to take them without a single problem using its customized nose and tail to jump against the objects and land safely back on the surface.

  • Fine quality maple deck
  • One of the complete skateboards
  • It comes with mini wheel flares
  • A bit expensive

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2- Retrospec Quip Skateboard 22.5″:

Intriguing but compact design, we love these relatively lightweight skateboards to offer, especially to the supple girls.

Retrospec Quip skateboard makes a perfect landing in the girls’ minds looking for the lightweight and cheaper solution to show the skateboarding moves.

With the adequate clearance on the top of the board, the more comprehensive and transparent space of 22.5″ is long enough to glide the skateboard by placing both feet up without causing the tripping and mingling between.

No matter how fast you want to glide, the incredibly lightweight design would never let you feel any heavy when picking up speed. Push once with gentle thirst, and you would experience the skateboard gaining up the incredible speed range.

That would look odd on your first days due to its lightweight build, but you would gradually learn to control it during the flips, jumps, and braking.

Just make sure it may give you ultimate jerks during the braking, so be careful about it as it may standstill immediately before you even get to know. So again, be very careful when breaking.

Surprising, isn’t it? However, we were only talking about its lightweight design and did not stress upon any other feature it got. Rather than a feature, this one interconnects to be a con; the polyurethane build sheds off more on the weight, which makes it prone to scratching, rubbing, and diminishing the boards as well. So, it would help if you were careful enough not to rub against the surface and avoid flipping on the top of objects where that may quickly leave the cutting marks and ultimately tear it and crack in no time.

Enjoy this incredibly lightweight skateboard, and use it with extra care! 🙂

  • Highly affordable
  • Classic retro design
  • Red on Navy
  • Prone to get scratches

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3- Amrgot Skateboards Pro 31: Skateboards for Girl:

For the grown-up girls loving the skateboard the most, this complete one with the oversized deck of 31″ seems a perfect fit.

The ultimate flipping techniques are very well met; unlike many who disagree, this more oversized deck may cause an issue and be super heavy to handle.

So, if you have been going through the same thoughts we projected, you are wrong at it…

Even this long skateboard has enough width for the advanced flippers to do their lovely tricks to stun the audience and even the fellow skaters. And, even surprising them, doing it super smartly with such a big longboard that it looks difficult even to make a turn.

Did we just unveil the name of this heavier-looking skateboard? No? Okay, we would not let you wait anymore! It got the name Amrgot Skateboards Pro and is available in the market as a ‘complete skateboard’ with the whooping size of 31″.

Some may easily trigger the self-belief that this skateboard from Amrgot is super heavy without knowing that the maple deck makes it robust and sturdy by adding a little value in increasing the weight. So, it is pretty acceptable to accept that the maple material used to construct this longboard could be a bit heavier.

And the heavier the skateboard is, the better it provides the grip and does the flipping without the fear of breaking and cracking it.

So, learn to accept that a somewhat heavier board is a feature and nothing to worry about at all.

But here is the one thing that can make you worried; the polyurethane (PU) wheelbase, which is prone to catching scratches and rubbing. So, always keep a tab over the wheelbase condition to ensure they are always in working conditions because you cannot afford to fall on the ground and receive a severe injury.

  • Yummilicious graphic on the bottom
  • Anti-slippery deck
  • High-quality and speeding wheel bearings
  • Always look for a smooth and paved floor to ride.

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4- RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard:

Dad, I just do not like this color. I hate it…

This is what your daughter is seen saying when you get her a skateboard, even if it is pricey enough? Remember that these things happen, and they may happen, especially when you get plain in color.

Despite the brand and tagged price, the color matters the most. The girls, especially the teenage girls, are prone to like colors on top of everything, be it the features and the price, and they would not like that. What they expect the most are the excellent color combinations; that is it!

So, RIMABLE fixes that issue for you. All you have to do is grab an idea of what your little girl likes in general. If that relates to color combination, this complete 22 inches skateboard seems an outstanding solution for you!

Get a hold of this blue gazing color that represents outer space or idealizes the sea waves but to be exact, that actually represents the galaxy! Sounds tricky, right? 🙂

Some may question that RIMABLE seems expensive because the wheels are made with polyurethane, somewhat low-profile material, but given the adequate deck length and the width and the colored graphics used, even covering the wheels justify its tagged price.

Apart from the cheap build of wheels, the plastic and aluminum combination used to craft the wheelbase, and the deck reduces the scratches and keeps the skateboard to perform the flips against the sharp objects.

Arriving fully assembled, there you would not require anything to put it up together. The moment it lands on your doorstep, it is ready to hit the road.

With a maximum load capacity of more than 198 lbs, this can take on even the fat folks to enjoy the cruise. So, stay worried-free when your girl is using it as it would not break on its own (at least.)

No matter your level, just ride with style and leave the other kids’ skaters stunned!

  • Embossed with attractive space-trendy graphics
  • Made with a mixture of aluminum and plastic
  • Expansive enough deck to fit both feet
  • Bendy at a look which gives stabilizing problems during the ride
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5- Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard:

The color the girls love the most — unique purple paradise color with a combo of white and green!

Plastic-build across the board, this Skatro Mini Cruiser skateboard can leave you in a questionable state. So why pay this hefty sum for the skateboard built only with plastic despite the wheel material?

Okay, that is acceptable and considered a valid question, but the plastic used here is in no way cheap in quality. On the contrary, hard-rock-formed plastic is durable and unbreakable to quickly withstand the splash falling on the floor. Even if you directly ram inward the rock stones and the edges of the footpath, it would not break this easily.

Twenty-two inches long with 6 inches in width provides a greater standing area for the girls that vary in ages to make sure they stick to the board and land safely back with heavily reducing the chances of falling.

MInimal build with exclusive Skatro Flexy technology allows it to flex a bit when responding to the jumps and adjusts back to normalcy without cracking the board. So, you should be cruising at your maximum speed without any worries.

A complete mini skateboard that knows to shear the winds, that stops when you want to stop, and that never drives you in the mental state is enough for the ride to turn this mini board at rest. Everything is integrated and tested to ensure it always provides you a smooth experience to explore the neighborhood without wasting your energy. Just push once, and there you go! 🙂

The high price is there just for the same reason — flexibility, outperforming design, and the smooth ride that you always seek out of a skateboard. Despite its minimal design, we bet this can take on the hours-long ride without popping a single issue and every single day!

But, be advised; just before starting to ride Skatro Mini Cruiser, make sure to check on the nuts and bolts by tightening them up. If you feel worried about how you can do that, do not worry at all. It comes with a T-tool that allows you to make the adjustments all by yourself. Just tighten them a bit, and off you go!

  • Made with retro style plastic design
  • Includes T-tool to make adjustments all by yourself
  • Super lightweight to carry along
  • A little out in the price

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6- Beleev Cruiser Skateboards for Beginner:

Now, for girls who do not look like teenage girls, finding a skateboard could be challenging due to their large bodies.

Then it is not the length that we need to worry about but width as well. The proper width is the haven to keep the feet upright and land safely back to the deck after completing the adventurous (sometimes deadly) flips.

It is just a matter of safety and concern to opt for an excellent stable skateboard. And when we find ourselves lingering between the said situation, Beleev Cruiser skateboards for beginners seem pretty a relief.

What’s more surprising when you have Beleev Cruiser; do you even have a hint for that? We bet you do not! 🙂 Well, that is directly proportional to the performance of this 27 inches long complete skateboard. It works outstanding in the rainwater. Not that you just take it out after the rain stops, but you can use this board even when the rain is pouring.

From little-aged girls to adults, this much-widened deck would provide good standing space, saving you from falling and tripping.

And being skeptical about how much weight it can withstand, let’s worry no more (once again.) It gives more significant support to the skaters that weigh more than 220 lbs (which seems a unique case), so this should never give you a problem with how much the maximum weight capacity it supports.

On top of that, the maximum weight capacity would not make it break and crack thanks to its sturdy build using seven layers of Canadian Maple plies to make the rides safer all day long.

Despite its long and widened build, this is easy to control. It includes a double asymmetric kicking concave tail design to make immediate braking without involving your heels and toes to stop.

Apart from the high-performance and lightweight design, the double printing is just creative to stun fellow skaters. And this got a unique color of black and white chess-alike boxes to steal the attention! Just use it for as long as you want, and the color would not fade or diminish.

  • Best for showcasing your best skateboard tricks
  • Includes the T-tool for self-maintenance
  • Made with excellent and high-quality Canadian maple
  • Grip tape may start to feel afterward.

  → Check Price  ←

7- WiiSHAM Skateboards Pro 31:

This looks ugly on top but beautiful from the bottom. Does that make any sense, doesn’t it? We doubt that…

Who can see what is at the bottom and not from the top? That seems an irrelevant statement, but in reality, it is not. The skateboard is often seen at its bottom, especially when flipping around in the air.

Most adventurous skaters are busy flipping the board and hardly stay on the floor; they opt to show the bottom of the board the most.

WiiSHAM Skateboards Pro 31 is made with sturdy and durable material; the seven layers of maple are enough to withstand the weight without cracking the board. So, you can even let the person with the maximum weight capacity of up to 230 lbs (who weighs this much other than Big Show of WWE :P…), and this board would not let you experience the degradation in performance.

Extended to 31 inches and wide enough to 8 inches, this provides the balanced standing to the girl’s skaters varying in ages, be it, teen to grown-up adults just that they have to have a passion for flipping around and being in the air most of the time.

High-quality premium wheels are big enough to pass more distance thanks to their 54*37mm size and sitting on the sturdy and high-performing ABEC-9 bearings to make sure they stay cool without needing to offload the weight.

Just 5 lbs in weight, you can grab it in your arms and travel on foot to find your best spot to perform skating practices. So, never say no to the friends living blocks away, and take the board in your arms without feeling any weight attached.

Another intriguing feature that is worth mentioning; the top board made with high density 7051 material known for its waterproof performance ensures you can use it even when downpouring the rain, and the wet sandals or shoes would not slip off the deck. Therefore, this keeps you protected in all weather conditions and makes it capable of performing.

  • Best for adult girls
  • Fitted with high-quality wheel bearings
  • It comes assembled to use on arrival
  • No tools are included with the skateboard.

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8- Beleev Skateboards For Beginners:

And here we come again with the same brand (second time) because of the excellent build and the unexpectedly inexpensive price tag.

Yes, the price tag is insane and looks somewhat like a mistake done there by the store. 😀

Whatever it is, this very reason makes it vulnerable to be sold more than the first skateboard we mentioned up somewhere.

It is almost half the price of the first board we listed from Beleev, making it the top hot-selling board.

Despite its astonishingly low price, the list of features is just top-notch.

The more extended deck size to around 31 inches turns it into a complete skateboard that you can easily afford to own.

And the sturdy deck crafted with seven layers of Canadian maple, what more can you expect from such a skateboard against this low price? Too impossible, isn’t it?

Then it comes with an excellent extended deck sized to 31 inches in length and wide enough to up to 8 inches, providing good space to take a stand immediately after a stunning flip. So, it gives a good peace of mind to cover yourself without the feeling of falling and tripping.

Despite its long build, the lightweight build allows you to lift it and take it wherever you go. Thus, you should not have to feel any weight attached to your hands, and the intelligent design helps you carry it without numbing your fingers.

Able to withstand the maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs and 5-inches wide aluminum-backed alloy trucks with adjoined 55mm anti-slipper 95A PU wheels can easily stroll this much weight without a problem.

The overall build ensures to handle the longer and more challenging flips with high rebound impact without the fear of breaking and cracking the wheels, wheel trucks, and the deck itself.

Apart from the intelligent design, the exciting graphics embedded on the bottom of the board is mind-boggling. It impacts the skaters in a good way, for sure! 🙂

  • Best in price!
  • A sturdy deck made with Canadian maple
  • Double kick-supported
  • PU wheels that may start to turn scratchy if used on uneven pathways

  → Check Price  ←

9- Punisher Girls Skateboard:

Let’s punish your girl’s boredom with the Punisher Girls skateboard.

A complete board that you deserve. A complete board that you would always admire for its build quality and the top-notch materials used.

Although it is extra expensive, the materials used are no match that assures this board lasts longer than the many available skateboards in the market.

Used materials are polyurethane, metal, polyvinyl, chloride, and wood; yes, that exciting line of materials including wood.

Though, it looks cracky, mainly when the wood used to construct the wheel truck, as it may sound improper to respond to the rebounds after doing the flips. But the kind of wood used is most dependable and withstands the flipping impacts without breaking.

It sounds ‘Punisher’ by the brand, but not punishing at all to the skateboard, so that you should be riding safely with the best materials to ensure it lasts decades of use.

The brilliant deck with a mild concave deck profile gives you proper control to make fast turns and act upon the tricks without any delay.

How fast you go produces unbearable heat, which only the solid and sturdy wheel bearings can hold off. Thankfully, this skateboard got ABEC-7 bearings to keep the wheels swiveling with ultimate coolness. So now, you do not need to halt after a few minutes just for the sake of turning the bearings cool down.

And the trucks, along with wheelbase, are made with solid wood the size of 5 inches that hold all the weight and impact rebounds for you.

For the wheels themselves, it has 54*36mm PU-backed ivory white wheels embossed with Punisher Skateboard graphics to take all the toll for you. Make rounds, and the motioned graphics would steal the onlookers’ hearts! 🙂

Purchase and receive as it is, and it would not require any assembly at all. Just get it on your doorstep and start riding the very moment! 🙂

  • Double kick concave deck
  • Extra-long deck
  • Made with a mixture of high-quality bearings
  • Somewhat expensive

  → Check Price  ←

10- Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard:

Last, from the list, we are proud to introduce the Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard that got the color combination topping over the list of features.

If you first look at it, the color scheme would be the first reason to buy it the next moment. 🙂

With a deck width of over 6 inches and the deck length to support both feet by placing anywhere over a 22 inches deck, Merkapa is the heart-throbber!

Although it looks minimal and cheap, do not fall prey to this trick. The excellent price tag is here to reaffirm it never is any cheap in quality even though it looks opposite to what we projected.

Starting with the features, its 6 inches wide deck allows even a grown-up girl to keep the feet togetherly upright, so it very much minimizes the chances of tripping accidentally.

All the way, pink from top to bottom, and the color would not fade. But the genuine interest is hidden within the wheels! All colorful wheels embedded with LED light inside give a funky look when cruising in darkness. And the good thing about it; it is rotary-powered, so you do not need any battery to attach or any chargers preventing you from having to incur any cost to power up the LED lights on the wheels.

The beginners most love the skateboard, and we do not find anything negative to dislike Merkapa.

Made with a mixture of polypropylene, aluminum, and plastic, combine the power to ensure it stays in an operational state for decades.

Being CE certified you can expect its build quality away from any safety and health hazards to use without any problem.

And the wide 3.2 inches aluminum trucks withstand the impact and rebounds without the fear of cracking and breaking. Despite its low profile width, it immediately responds to the moves so that you do not have to wait and halt entirely before making a turn.

  • Fitted with colorful LED lights that power up with wheels’ rotation
  • Colored with the color, the girls love the most
  • CE certified
  • The plastic deck may catch scratches if used on rough ground.

  → Check Price  ←

Conclusion Of The Best Skateboards For Teenage Girls:

Let’s call it a conclusion of the best skateboards for teenage girls by listing over 10 of them with top-notch materials and features.

Skateboarding is the best time-killing sport. Take it as a hobby or professionalism, and you can learn to tweak the skateboarding tricks to show the world what you got.

The skateboards are generally easy to manage and rarely require maintenance. And when they do, the provided manual book is the last resort to consult!

So, do not take it as an impossible task to manage at the time of maintenance and learn yourself the nifty tricks and flips to enjoy and stun the spectators.

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