Top 10 Best Skateboards for Kids – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Kids are always curious to discover something new every day. They love to play, have fun, and experience the ongoing trends. Skateboards are one of the latest incredible trends that people utilize for different purposes. …

Best skateboards for kids

Kids are always curious to discover something new every day. They love to play, have fun, and experience the ongoing trends. Skateboards are one of the latest incredible trends that people utilize for different purposes. When kids watch their elder ones enjoy riding on an attractive and super-fast vehicle, they also want it for them.

So, is your kid demanding the same? No worries at all! Many brands have introduced the best skateboards for kids, having catchy designs and stable decks to offer the most secure, joyful, and stable ride. But, before providing them skateboard, make sure their learning of balance on a skateboard well as the kids’ safety should be one of our prior responsibilities.

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports among kids that provide them with multiple benefits. It only keeps them active, but also lets them cope with the world, enhances their skills, makes them confident, creates healthy bonds with friends, and also discovers the beauties of nature by themselves. So, let your kids pursue the dreams that might turn them into world-class professional skateboarders!

List Of Best Skateboards For Kids:

To help you find an appropriate choice for your beloved kid, we have extracted the top ten picks of best skateboards for kids from the market. All of them offer fantastic riding experiences to kids with the assurance of their protection. So, select according to your kid’s choice and provide them with a long-lasting and fun riding experience.

1. Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard:

Hiboy S22 electric SkateboardThe perfect choice of the first skateboard for aspiring skaters is “Magneto.” This skateboard is designed specifically for the growing kids and young boys and girls who search for the most stable board to experience a blazing ride. Extremely durable, comfortable, and well-designed!


Magneto skateboards are designed with natural materials to give them the look of simplicity and inner durability. They have constructed many best skateboards for kids that ensure satisfaction as far as the maximum cruising with appreciable stability is concerned or the design that attracts eyes immediately.

The board’s deck size and shape are highly suitable for the kids; not too long, not so short. Its deck length is around 28 inches, and its width is 7.75 inches to fit kid’s feet perfectly. An ideal lightweight construction (weighs only 4 pounds) with the perfect size combination provesthe skateboard best for learning skateboarding.

Long-lasting durability, style, and more comfort on the deck area are due to the full seven plies of hard maple material used in its making, a top high-quality grip tape, and a slight concave end. On the front and back of the board, you will discover the double kicktails too. You have an option to choose among three beautiful bottom deck graphics.So, the kids will feel extra traction, endless comfort, and stylishness on Magneto kid’s complete skateboard.

It is also equipped with super-soft 52mm 95A high-rebound polyurethane wheels that offer an incredibly smooth and stable riding experience. The 5″ aluminum trucks with the steel axle add extra strength and durability to the skateboard during cruising.

Not only for kids, but teenagers and advanced riders will too have the exhilarating rideon mini ramps with it by the grace of its super 200 pounds load-bearing capacity. It doesn’t require a bit of assembly as it is a fully-assembled board that only needs to be unboxed and start within a moment.

So, all the features are screaming loud to prove theMagneto skateboard is ideal for the new generation’s aspiring skaters who always crave to discover the right skateboard that can meet their needs. Best in style, affordable in price! And what else you could demand?

  • Multiple bottom graphics to choose what you love
  • Extremely lightweight construction manageable by kids
  • Medium-sized deck with High weight carrying capacity suits for all riders
  • Strengthy, smoother 52mm wheels offer high-traction
  • A grip top tape for more stability to feet
  • Good-looking and long-lasting construction
  • Just take out of the box and start riding
  • Not recommended for people more than 15 years
  • One cannot play tricks on it
  • A very light deck could sometimes lose balance

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2. Beelev Skateboard For Beginners:

A runner-up position on the list of best skateboards for kids has been achieved by the Beelev skateboard for beginners due to its multiple inspiring features. It is an all-rounder skateboard in which you will get a pack of versatility, stability, smoothness, and portability. Its different colors and beautiful designs never get out of style!


It is the best skateboard for those beginners who are still finding the ideal one that can satisfy all their needs. You don’t have to wait to hit the streets with your blazing ride after unboxing it as it comes fully assembled.

Seven plies of Canadian maple together have constructed the lightweight, versatile, and stable 10mm thick deck to provide feet the ultimate comfort. The deck is made longer of 31 inches that best-suited every foot on every terrain. A large space is there to accommodate feet on the top of the deck, having a width of 8 inches.

Not only is it has made durable, but it also satisfies the conditions of highest portability and control. It weighs only 4.7 pounds that is so lightweight to control properly and carry anywhere effortlessly. It has a super-fantastic weight lifting capacity to withstand strong riders up to 220 pounds.

It is surely the best skateboard for kids that ensure the safety of a rider by having waterproof non-slip grip tape. The tape also provides high traction to keep your feet at a place without losing a bit of balance.

An easy braking facility is provided by its double-kick symmetric concave design. You spend less of your energy currency but it doubles it up for an on-time stop.

Furthermore, you will get amazed by looking at the stability of its 55mm 95A polyurethane wheels along with the ABEC-7 precision bearings. These are the excellent shock absorber that rides smoothly on smaller cracks, soak the shocks in it and provide the rider with the smoothest riding experience.

This skateboard is suitable for all rider types that want multiple riding styles. Do commuting, play tricks, or enjoy cruising or freestyle riding with your best skateboard for kids by Beelev without worrying about the sturdiness as its 5″ high-end aluminum alloy trucks would manage it extensively.

As its top design is quite decent, the bottom one will leave everyone surprised with its aesthetic graphics. You can surely find your desirable design from such an ample collection in the same featured skateboard. Best resistor for scratches or ripping, the great grips are strong enough tokeep it away from your skateboard.

So, if you are finding for the best skateboard for kids that is so eye-catching besides being portable, stable, and durable, then Beelev Skateboard could become your ideal choice for sure!

  • Biggest weight supporting capacity of 220 pounds to accommodate every rider
  • An attractive collection of eye-catching bottom graphics
  • Shock absorbing 55mm PU tear-resistant wheels for an incredibly smooth ride
  • No assembly is required
  • Waterproof non-slippery grip tape to keep feet in a stable position
  • Best for multiple skateboarding styles
  • Only weight 4.7 pounds that can be carried with ease.
  • The long deck could sometimes get unmanageable for kids
  • Only recommended for beginners

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3. Phoeros Skateboard for kids:

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric skateboardPresenting to you another best skateboard for kids that can operate multiple riding styles with ease and stability. It is an excellent gift for aspiring skaters who love to enjoy skateboarding on the most stable and rocking vehicle. You can develop and enhance confidence in your kids by giving them a present of a PHOEROS Skateboard.


All its features are truly inspiring because of the high-end quality used to construct every part of this skateboard. The most durable 31 inches long deck is made from the seven layers of Canadian Maple material that doesn’t only offer stability but also ensures the safety of the individual.

The stronger the deck is; the more weight it could support easily. And this deck satisfies this condition and has a weight supporting capacity of 220 pounds. The deck is 8 inches wide and 4 inches above the ground. So, it doesn’t only fit kids, but also the adults could enjoy an exhilarating ride on PHOEROS Best skateboard for kids.

However, the decent deck is also provided with waterproof and non-slip Emery sandpaper on the top for endless grip and traction between your shoes and the skateboard’s surface. Its double warped design provides you the way to play multiple tricks smoothly like pivoting, sliding, sharp turnings, etc.

If you are skating on rough terrains, you don’t need to worry about losing your balance as this best skateboard for kids is equipped with the 95A 53mm wheels made of high rebound polyurethane material for perfect grip on all kinds of roads.

There are two ABEC-11 bearings provided on each wheel that are super-silent even during speedy riding. For balance and stability, the skateboard uses the durable aluminum alloy truck that also features a high rebound Pu Dumping system to add more comfort to your ride.

So, the grippy wheels, speed silence bearing, and durable trucks together ensure the full protection of a rider in all styles of riding. With its heat transfer printing pattern, the skateboard stays waterproof and long-lasting.A perfect gift with an extremely affordable price tag!

  • The 31 inches long deck fits for all beginners, intermediate and advanced riders
  • Strong Pu wheels are super fantastic shock absorbers of small cracks
  • Suitable for playing multiple tricks
  • It has a good weight supporting capacity
  • Long-lasting skateboard with the Heat transfer printing pattern
  • There is a Pu Dumping system to offer more comfort
  • Extremely reasonable price tag, affordable for all
  • Trucks aren’t that durable for rough use
  • ABEC-11 bearings are so fast for beginners
  • Not an attractive design/graphics collection

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4. Meketec Skateboards Complete 22-Inch:

Maxfind Electric SkateboardMeketec is one of the leading brands especially well-knownfor introducing the best skateboard for kids. The introduction of this Meketec unusual skateboard for kids had thrown a severe competitionamong the brands because of its superb style, wide variety, and outrageous performance. They started trying to create something unique that could beat this skateboard. So, have a look at this fantastic vehicle’s features!


This plastic mini cruiser by Meketec is truly a masterpiece due to its effective price tag and best features. The unique technology skateboard uses different high-quality materials including plastic, polypropylene, and aluminum to construct 22 inches long and 6 inches wide durable deck that could support a weight limit of up to 200 pounds.

The most distinctive quality of this Meketec skateboard is its beautiful color collection on top and bottom of the deck with several attractive graphics. As the kids always look for their favorite color in their favorite things, theycould find exactly according to their choice. Thus, it is the best choice to inspire people with your magical performance on a magical skateboard.

Not a chance to get disturbed during your joyful ride by the rough surfaces or the small cracks on the roads. The stronger and powerful four 60mm 78A polyurethane wheels serve as the best shock absorber to offer you the smoothest ride you have ever experienced before.

Portability is never an issue if you have this Meketec skateboard with you. Not only because of its inspiring compact size can fit within a small bag but also its 3.8 lbs. lightweight is so easy to carry with you anywhere.

Let’s move on to its strong 3.25-inch heavy-duty aluminum trucks along with the 7-ABEC Meketec bearings that are evidence of added comfort and stability in the ride. So, the rider can perform all types of skateboarding styles and tricks on it without worrying about losing balance or discomfort as all its features ensure the protection of a rider to a higher extent.

So, no matter whether you’re a beginner rider, an intermediate one, or the advanced; this skateboard is truly an iconic option to fulfill all your dreams of the marvelous ride. It is the best skateboard for kids you choose as a giftfor your dear ones.

  • It offers the highest portability due to its compact design and lightweight construction .
  • Easy to control because of the smaller and narrower deck.
  • Wheels act as powerful shock-absorber to ensure the safety of a rider .
  • Best skateboard for kids, beginners, and adults .
  • Extra comfort and stability added from 7-ABEC bearing and strong trucks .
  • Beautiful multiple colors and designs in reasonable price tag .
  • ABEC-7 bearings are not suitable for playing powerful tricks.
  • Deck length is extremely short .
  • Not recommendable for kids more than 10 years.

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5. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard:

Metroboard Electric SkateboardAnother best skateboard for kids by Magneto in the list is ready to win the plot from its inspiring features for the excellent performance. With high-quality materials, the company ensures the satisfaction of its customers by providing them with the best. This decent-looking skateboard is for everyone to skate and have fun everywhere. Built to last longer, and perform better!


What features can you demand in a skateboard to offer you a great experience? All you will discover is the Magneto Mini Cruiser skateboard. The deck is not so long, not so shorter; an intermediate 27.5 inches length and 7.5 inches width is provided to the deck to fit every rider’s feet. This deck size is not only compatible with cruising and riding, but also it makes the board easy to carry anywhere.

High-quality material construction is in the deck to make it super-durable and long-lasting. The six plies of Canadian Maple with the sand grift finish are provided on the deck to offer more grip to the feet along with higher durability.

One will also find double kicktails on the Magneto mini cruiser skateboard that contributes well to the versatility and fun of the ride. More joyfully you can play several tricks on it including Flip tricks, Ollies, Mannies, and general tick-tacking by the grace of these back kicktails.

Not a bit of plastic is used in this skateboard, all are of the high rebound SHR polyurethane. The Pu wheels and bushings are exceptionally marvelous in providing comfort and smoothness in your favorite sport. No shocks can disrupt your fun when your skateboard equips with the 78A 60mm polyurethane wheels.

The sturdy 5-inch trucks are mounted in this best skateboard for kids, made from high-end cast aluminum. Moreover, a kingpin angle of 55 degrees improves the performance of your riding.

Not only its size is ideal for portability, but its only 6 pounds weight is also relaxing to easily accompany with you. The skateboard of only 6 pounds has a higher weight supporting capacity of approximately 275 pounds that is truly appreciable. Its cool, unique design with decent graphics covers the way to catch the attention of your audience.

Thus, Magneto Mini Cruiser suits to be on the fifth position in the list of best skateboards for kids because of all the appreciative features required by the beginner to enjoy the most comfortable and stable ride.

  • Double kick tail improves the looks of the board and offers the ultimate fun ride
  • Suitable for all kids, teen girls and boys and adult men and women
  • Outstanding weight supporting capacity of up to 275 lbs.
  • Valuable skateboard at such an affordable price
  • Compact design and 6 pounds weight contributes much to the portability
  • Sand grift finish on the deck’s top provide more grip to the feet
  • The board doesn’t offer a catchy graphics collection
  • This skateboard is not so flexible for trick players
  • Trucks aren’t that durable

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6. GONEX 22 Inch Skateboard For Beginners:

Gonex has brought an immense best-performing skateboard collection in the market. One of them is its mini skateboard for beginners that are truly the most suitable one for the kids. It is not possible for all kids to manage, control, and carry longer and wider boards. What offers satisfaction in this skateboard is its highly compact design and smooth riding capability. Best holiday gift for kids above 3 years of age!


Solid materials including high-rebound polypropylene plastic are utilized in constructing the Gonex’s 22-inch deck to make it classy, durable, and wear-resistant. The width is also kept small up to 6 inches to make it exceptionally convenient to carry. This is only because of its small size that it can fit into even backpack and can be easily be carried from one place to another without being a burden.

Not only does its compact-sized deck make it portable, but its lightweight construction also produces a significant effect on its higher portability. Mini cruiser only weighs almost 3.6 inches that is so easy to carry by the kids.

To let their users proudly stand out in the crowd; Gonex has introduced three beautiful and trendy patterns on the deck. It gives it a unique look and its high-class performance will leave everyone shocked. Your audience will surely convince to say that it is surely the best skateboard for kids.

What if its weight is too less, its load-bearing capacity of 198 lbs. (90kg) is genuinely appreciable. Without worrying about weight, any kind of ride could enjoy blazing skateboarding on this Gonex skateboard for kids.

The trucks and bearings equipped also contribute to the excellent grip and wear resistance of the board. There are ABEC-7 high-quality bearings along with the strong and durable 3.25 inches aluminum alloy trucks that keep the feet in a stable position and give the best performance.

You don’t need to worry if the roads of your area are not smooth and have small cracks. You will fantastically deal with all such small shocks by the effect of your board’s 60mm PU wheels. Itdoesn’t even let your feet hurt a bit from such shocks and offer you the smoothest riding experience.

All its excellent features put a powerful effect on the terrain to offer the ride remarkable comfort, smoothness, and joy in the ride. So, are your kids asking for their holiday gifts? No other gift could beat your kids’ happiness that will come by seeing such an attractive and outstanding Gonex skateboard.

  • Only 3.6 weight and compact deck significantly contributes to its highest portability
  • Wear-resistant and feet gripping skateboard
  • PU wheels are superior shock absorbers
  • Beautifully designed in three different graphics and colors
  • No installation is required after unboxing
  • A recommendable skateboard for beginners
  • Its load-supporting capacity cannot compete with the other skateboards
  • ABEC-7 bearings are not suitable for advanced types of skateboarding
  • The extremely shorter and narrow deck cannot accommodate adults’ feet well

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7. Merkapa 22 Inch Complete Skateboard:

Do you want your kids to experience a smart riding style with confidence and perfection? All appreciations for the Merkapa 22 inch complete best skateboard for kids that are genuinely designed in a way to offer the ridersthat confidence and stability to blazingly perform in-crowd. Its inspiring features are not suitable for beginners, but the experienced riders could also perform amazingly on this Mekpara skateboard.


The fully assembled mini-best skateboard for kids is ready to hit the streets with its incredible features and smooth performing ability.Ideal compact deck size is provided to it having 22″ length and 6″ width with only 3.8 lbs. weight contributes for portability increment.

A classy yet highly beneficial combination of ABEC-7 high-quality bearings and the 78A 60mm PU soft wheels is equipped in this Merkapa skateboard for beginners. This combination ensures riders’ complete satisfaction ofexperiencing perfect grip, comfort, abrasion resistance, and great shock absorption.

The most distinguishing and prominent feature of it that truly makes it the best skateboard for kids is its colorful light-up wheels. The colorful wheels are equipped with bright LED Lights for visibility during night times riding. They are rotatory powered and don’t require a charger or batteries to brighten your way. It not only enhances the beauty of the skateboard but is also so satisfying regarding the safety of your kids.

What makes this skateboard super-cool to catch the attention of everyone are its colorful lightened-up wheels along with the fantastic colors and graphics of the deck. You can choose your kid’s favorite color from these eye-catching 12 skateboards.

From beginners to advanced skateboarders, all can have a fun ride on this outstanding skateboard without worrying over its part as all are rigid, durable, and incredible to deal with all riding styles. Its perfect weight loading capacity of 180 pounds makes it suitable for all kids, teens, and adults too.

To offer riders the best translation in their movements, Mekpara also includes 3.2 inches rugged trucks. It strongly attaches bearings and wheels to provide you more stability and balance during turns or small tricks.

No hectic battery or charging! Just unbox your Mekpara mini cruiser and start skateboarding in your favorite style or time.

  • Led Light wheels ensure the safety of a rider on dark streets along with contributes to the board’s beauty
  • Abrasion-resistant, comfortable, and stable skateboard
  • The 60mm PU wheels serve as substantial shock-absorbers
  • Exceptional lightweight construction
  • The affordable price tag with thousands of positive reviews
  • Beautiful variety of colors and graphics
  • Not so fast as the other competent skateboards
  • 180 pounds weight-bearing limit is not that satisfying
  • Plastic decks are less durable than Maple ones

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8. WhiteFang Skateboards For Beginners:

Presenting to you the best WhiteFang skateboard that allows racing with the wind by the grace of its incredible features. This option is not only perfect for the kids, but it largely satisfies the super-fast, trick-making requirements of advanced riders too.

It has an elegant white and black design that provides a cool look without making any noise during spinning, yet so silent and classy. So, it is truly a Fashion skateboard on which you can live your dreams! Knowing more about its features will surely convince you to accept it as an ideal skateboard for you.


A solid and durable deck! The high-quality Canadian Maple (7 layers) is used in the construction of this long and wide 31.75” x 7.88” deck to provide it with ultimate toughness and incredible weight supporting capability. The Maple deck is so strong that it could support the maximum load of up to 330 pounds. Isn’t it so interesting?

Perfect for all kinds of roads and places including parks, ramps, pools, grounds, or any smooth or rough surfaces due to its outstanding durable wheels, ABEC-9 Precision bearings, and 95A PU bushings. The super-smooth 52mm wheels are of high-quality polyurethane that is quick in responding against the shocks to provide ultimate smoothness in the ride. So, you can ride freely wherever you want without being worried about stability and protection.

To make it suitable for all levels riders, the skateboard also accompanies a double kick dissymmetric concave design. This kind of design helps the rider to learn and perform various tricks without worrying over the loss of feet’ stability as emery sandpaper is there to satisfy this requirement.

The graphics are beautiful! But, what if it gets faded? Not in WhiteFang best skateboard for kids. It also has the thermal transfer printing process that doesn’t allow water or sand to affect the print of the deck and maintain it over a longer period. So, besides of deck’s endless durability, its print design is also long-lasting.

Instead of aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy trucks are equipped in it to offer more reliability for beginners and advanced riders. It is genuinely the best skateboard for kids on whom you can say no to injuries, disbalance, or discomfort.

It is because of its less weight of only 5.06 pounds, one could easily carry it to another place to blaze on any terrain with its incredible tricks and stable performance. No hassle of assembling! Take it out of the box, ready to ride!

  • The most recommendable skateboard for all types of riders
  • Longer and wider high-quality maple deck for more grip and stability to the feet
  • Thermal printing design let the graphics last longer
  • Suitable bearings, trucks, and double kick dissymmetric concave design are best for playing advanced tricks
  • A fantastic 330 pounds load capacity, best to accommodate every person
  • Approx. 5 pounds weight is so light to carry anywhere with ease
  • Customized emery sandpaper offers more grip to the feet
  • Not for kids less than 6 years
  • Bearings are not very suitable for learning
  • Its price tag is a slight budget-breaker

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9. Retro Mini Cruiser Skateboard For Kids:

The second last choice of best skateboard for kids is from one of the popular skateboard brands “Retro.” It has its unique style in design or performance to offer an incredible riding experience to all young boys and girls. Take it anywhere with you and discover your phenomenal skateboarding skills!


Retro mini cruiser is genuinely a well-built skateboard that has used high-rebound, bendable polypropylene plastic to construct 22.5 inches x 6.0 inches sturdy deck. Not only its size is ideal for kids, but also its beautiful colors and graphics collection also meet everyone’s choices.

The deck doesn’t look so durable to support higher weight, but it is constructed in such a way that itself is light weighted but could support heavyweight up to 200 pounds. To make the Retro mini-cruiser a better performer than its competitors, the 3.25-inch printed aluminum trucks are provided.

Being so compact is one of the most inspiring features that allow the user to carry it in a small bag anywhere for community or skateboarding. Its overall weight is only 3.85 pounds that don’t seem to be a burden.

It is a CE Certified best skateboard for kids that ensures the proper protection of a rider by its good construction and is suitable for all levels of riders. Whether you’re a beginner rider, an intermediate, or the skilled one, you will get a lot of enjoyment by riding on this fast skateboard while performing many tricks expertly with its Single kick design.

There are 60mm 78A polyurethane four wheels that are ready to provide skateboarders an outrageous skateboarding experience. They are the best shock absorbers that fight with the roughness of the tracks to let the skateboard run smoothly. Moreover, its ABEC-7 bearings are perfect to offer a fantastic skateboarding learning time to the kids.

Its cost-effective price has inspired a lot! How it could be so cheap besides having such high-quality features capable of providing an outstanding riding experience. So, you can have the best skateboard for kids at such an affordable price.

  • Significant weight supporting capacity of approx. 200 pounds
  • The 60mm PU 4 casters fight outstandingly with the roughness of tracks
  • Several choices to find the best skateboard for kids in their favorite color
  • Most suitable ABEC-7 Bearings for beginners learning time
  • High-quality and bendable polypropylene plastic deck construction
  • Highly portable because of less weight (only 3.85 pounds)
  • The right deck size for kids
  • No LED Lights for visibility at night
  • Only a single kick design
  • Not a fantastic trick-playing skateboard

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10. Andrimax Skatebards:

Our last choice in the list of best skateboards for kids is by ‘Andrimax.’ Its last position has the same worth as the first one as because it’s all its features satisfy the needs of an inspiring skater so well.  Its versatile nature provides skateboarders a soothing feel of flying in the sky during rides. Overall, it is the cool, perfect, and best skateboard for kids above 4 years.


One requires high toughness on the skateboard to ride well on rough surfaces. Andrimax has used high-quality Canadian Maple to construct the shock-absorbing, sturdy, and safe deck by pressing Maple’s seven layers on it.

You can play all advanced tricks on your Andrimax skateboard by thanking its unique double-wrapped design. It allows the rider to enjoy sharp and quick turns, slides, pivoting, and much more to bring more improvement in his style.

Feel of bravery! This feel could only be with you when you ride smoothly on all kinds of terrain without any dis-balance or discomfort in your body. As far as its deck absorbs the biggest shocks, the main contribution is also from the side of its 95A PU wheels. These are high resilience thread casters that support your long journey courageously to offer you the smoothest ride on all roads.

The impressive combination of grip tape and heat transfer printing patterns adds a long-lasting impact on the skateboard. From one aspect, grip tape ensures the safety of the rider and ultimately of the board, and from another aspect, that pattern keeps itentirely waterproof. It concludes towards the longer life span of the Andrimax skateboard.

To make the board super silent during the ride to offer a joyful ride with the breath of peace, there are two 11-ABEC professional bearings equipped with each wheel. Its durable aluminum alloy trucks and the high rebound PU Dumping system adds more comfort and stability to the ride.

All riders can enjoy a powerful riding experience on this board without being worried about the capacity as it can bear a maximum load of up to 220 pounds. This is a complete assembled skateboard that offers the desired ride to beginners, intermediate and professional skateboarders.

  • It is a super cool skateboard for all beginner and professional riders
  • Trucks with a PU damping system offers endless comfort and stability
  • Versatile deck with heat transfer printing design
  • Wheels are remarkable shock-absorbers to deal with all cracks outstandingly
  • Grip tape keeps the feet of the rider in balance
  • The extremely affordable price tag of less than $20 (for pink and blue graphics option)
  • Fantastic load supporting capacity of 220 lbs.
  • Prices vary a lot just by a change of colors and graphics
  • Bearings 11-ABEC are not ideal for kids riding

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How to choose the best skateboard for kids? – Buying Guide:

  • Quality of Deck: The deck is the most important part of a skateboard that produces a significant on the quality of the ride. as far as we consider the best skateboard for kids, we have usually found three different materials used in the construction of a deck. The majority of them are made from Canadian Maple wood and Bamboo while plastic decks are also found in many of the skateboards for kids. Each material has a specific level of quality that offers many pros along with few cons too. Have a look:
  • Maple decks: Canadian Maple includes one of the highest-quality materials among skateboards that prove to produce the sturdiest deck. It is so strong and resilient that stands out among the majority of other deck materials. Because of its premium quality, it is an expensive material to which one has to pay a vast cost to buy a skateboard consists of a Canadian Maple deck. That is why it is more popular among professionals’ skateboards.
  • Bamboo Decks: The best alternative for Maple decks is the Bamboo ones. They offer the best durability and flexibility to the skateboards and keep the rider’s feet in position. Rather it couldn’t compete with the rigidity of Maple, but despite that, it is more environment-friendly material that is less expensive than Maple ones. Most recommendable deck for beginners and intermediate riders!
  • Plastic decks: We discover most of the best skateboard for kids uses polypropylene plastic for the construction of the deck. The main benefit of it is it’s extremely lightweight and affordable which makes it easy to use and carry for kids. And that is why mini and plastic cruisers are rapidly achieving popularity. Quality varies from brand to brand, some could be of poor quality and some could be of better quality. Not a better choice for advanced players, but a right choice for your kids’ skateboard learning period!
  • Deck Size: The standard width of a deck usually stands between 7 to 8 inches. But, what you need to go with wholly depends on the height of a rider. Kids standing within a height range of 4’ to 4’6” should get a skateboard with deck’s 7.0” to 7.3”. Those stands within 4’7” to 5’2”must get an ideal choice of 7.3 to 7.5 inches wide deck. The most suitable deck width for kids heightened more than 5 feet 3 inches is 7.5 inches+.
  • Wheels: Wheels play a considerable part in the protection of the rider as skateboarding is an ending fun when you can roam anywhere freely. But, what about the rough surfaces and cracks? There is what let us know about the importance of wheels. Wheels come in multiple sizes that are suitable for different levels of skateboarding. Longboards usually have wheels over 70mm. But, we have seen most of the wheels’ size equipped in the best skateboard for kids is in between the range of 50mm-60mm. The 50-55mm wheels size is the most suitable for all beginners who learn or ride at slow speeds but require perfect stability. Whereas, the one who rides on rougher surfaces with high speed should select wheels size over 59mm.
  • Bearings: Bearings ABEC rating decides the smoothness of turns during skateboarding. The higher value it has, the more smoothness, sharpness, and speed it offers on the ride.Like, ABEC-5 bearings offer a low-speed ride and ABEC-11 are best for faster rides. You must not go with that lowor high bearings for your child as it is more dangerous. Stay somewhere in the middle, and try to choose from ABEC-7 and ABEC-9 bearings. It is perfect for beginners and intermediate riders!
  • Bushings: Three ratings assigned to the bushings have their separate level of skating conditions to provide an ideal ride:
  • Soft bushings: Soft bushings are below 92A that provides the rider with tighter and smoother turns but, conversely, offers less control.
  • Medium bushings: their value ranges from 93A to 97A which is ideal for all-around skateboarding. It offers better control and stability during turns. This is an ideal size you must go within your best skateboard for kids.
  • Hard bushings: the bushings of more than 98A are the hard ones that are perfect for professional riders who play tricks, and flips at higher speeds.
  • Pricing:

Depending on the quality brands offer in their best skateboard for kids’ collection, we have seen vast differences in the price tags. Some brands have introduced so expensive skateboards because of their immense popularity. Spending a significant amount on purchasing a beginner-level skateboard is not suitable as when the kid learns, many falls and damages come forward that could put you at a great loss.

So, what you should do is to go with the middle one that offers high-quality electric skateboard for kids at affordable prices. Once your kids learned skateboarding well and know balancing, going for an expensive skateboard would be of higher importance.

Tips for kids to ride skateboard safely:

Skateboarding is a time when you meet with your life desires and dreams of having a joyful ride on an excellent vehicle and discover the beauties of nature. But, when you are a beginner, you should have to take care of few tips necessarily as you still not have learned to stay balanced and keep your feet stable during the ride. Follow these few safety tips to make skateboarding time so joyful, comfortable, and safer:

  • Wear Safety Gear: Wearing gear that could protect you from deeper injuries or harm is the primary tip one must keep in mind before riding. The rider should wear best-fitted helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist wraps before starting the ride.You should also provide your kids with safety glasses to protect their eyes from dust. As the safety of your kids comes first!
  • Durable Shoes: Shoes must be in perfect condition to absorb the impacts of the terrains well. One must wear high-quality, durable, but well-ventilated shoes that can keep feet dry and protected every time.
  • Avoid Complex Tricks: If your kids have just started skateboarding, don’t let them play complex tricks once they have not completed their training. Complex tricks require long-time practices with knowledge on outstanding control and stability during rolls. So, it is so dangerous for them to do it in their start skateboard learning period.

Final verdict:

Gifting your kid with a skateboard is the beginning of the parents’ test. Parents get to be more worried about their safety. So, it is so necessary to find the best beginner skateboard for kids that could take care of your child as the parents. All the above listed best skateboards for kids are the most suitable ones we have extracted for your kids to ensure their protection, fun, and confidence. You can purchase any of them as all are highly rated by the users. It will surely be the best part of your kid’s life!

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