How to Ride an Electric Skateboard – Ultimate Guide

As you are visiting our page then it seems that you are interested in learning how to ride an electric skateboard, Do not worry you are at the right place. I have crafted this beginner’s …

How to Ride an Electric Skateboard – Beginners Guide

As you are visiting our page then it seems that you are interested in learning how to ride an electric skateboard, Do not worry you are at the right place. I have crafted this beginner’s guide after research and also by my personal experience if you follow these steps you will be riding electric skateboard smoothly and without any difficulty or fear in no time. For that to happen you just have to practice, practice and practice.

It would be a little hard for those who have no experience of board what so ever. But if you already have experience of skateboarding or any kind of board sports than you already have a head start. Just practice and do not push yourself too much.

These are the steps that you need to follow when you’re going to ride an electric skateboard next time.

Finding your stance or dominant foot

The first thing you want to know before riding an electric skateboard tricks or skateboard tricks is your dominant foot or to find your stance. There are two types of stance one is regular stance and one is goofy stance.

What do you mean by regular or goofy?

  • Regular stance: In regular stance your right foot is your dominant foot and stays in back (left foot in front).
  • Goofy stance: In goofy stance your left foot is your dominant foot and stays in back (right foot in front).

If you already know how to ride a normal skateboard or you’re into any kind of board sports i.e. surfing, snowboarding, snow skating then you will be already familiar to your stance. And it will be easier for you but if you are a newbie you can find your stance easily. Most people prefer regular stance but it does not mean that regular stance is somehow better than that of goofy stance. You can try both stances one by one and see in which you are more comfortable or see which suits you more.

At first you will feel uncomfortable in both stance but you just have to keep trying both individually and you will find the stance you are most comfortable with. Once you will keep practicing and get better in riding e-skateboards you will eventually able to use both stances. As a matter of fact most the professional skateboarders or e-skateboarders are good at using both stances.

Now that you know your stance you are one step closer in becoming a good skateboarder or e-skateboarder. Congratulations!

Balancing:  Now that you have found whether your stance is goofy or regular the next step for you is to have perfect posture or in other words balancing yourself on the board.

In skateboarding the most foremost thing is to balance yourself on the board. Considering the speed of the electric skateboards if your body is not well balanced you could eventually fall and end up in hospital. But does not worry ones you have perfect your posture no force on earth can stop you from riding skateboard.

Placing your feet: For balancing yourself on the electric skateboard place your feet directly under your shoulder and while following your stance you will automatically be able to balance the board. Personally I would suggest you to practice balancing yourself on ground with the same method to feel you balancing position.

Bending your knees: The next step is to bend your knees a slightly. By bending your knees you will be capable of lowering your centre of gravity and this will offer you more stability. When bending your knees keep your butt a little bit down as well like having a semi squat position by this you will be less likely to unbalance while riding electric skateboard.

This will save you from wobbling when you are riding an electric skateboard at high speed. Speed wobbles occur when your rear part of board begins to turn before your front part of board turns. This happens when your centre of gravity is too high. So taking this into consideration, bending your body is also pretty important.

Relax your body: relaxing your body is also pretty important while riding an electric skateboard. Because when your body is stiffed you won’t be able to get that control over your board or that flexibility you need to ride. Also stick your hand a little bit out to get that extra stability.

So right body positioning is pretty important to control the board. At first people think that if their body is stiffed they will be able to control the board better. But this is wrong, having a perfect posture is pretty important this gives you much more control over your board and also it is much more comfortable then having a stiffed posture.

By working on these on above point you will be able to balance on yourself on the board and be able to ride it swiftly and comfortably.

Accelerating : Now that you have learn your stance that whether regular or goofy and you have also learn to balance yourself on the board. Now it’s time for you to learn how to accelerate your electric skateboard.

In compare to that of simple skateboard electric skateboard is pretty different as it is much faster because of its mechanical motor and it is operated by a remote which can do pretty much every move with just one click.

Accelerating an electric skateboard seems to be pretty easy at the first. I mean how difficult it could be right you just have push a button and your ready to go. This is what I thought when I first started using electric skateboard and guess what! I fell. So that you don’t repeat the same mistake like me it is important for you accelerate properly.

You won’t believe how fast an electric skateboard can go it can accelerate from 18 to 28 mph which pretty fast as compare to that of a regular skateboard. There mechanics are different so whether you know how to drive a regular skateboard or not you still have to practice to get used to e-board.

E-boards have extensive power of acceleration and it can be threatening at first is you are a first timer. First, you will have to memorize wireless remote control of your board and get used to all the actions.

When accelerating your board it could give you a sudden jerk and you can fall if you are not ready. This jerk is due to the sudden weight shift that can affect your stability.

So to counter this sudden weight shift you will have to bend your knees a little and shift your butt a little down so that you have a semi squat position. But do not bend your body too much or will not be able to counter weight shift. When you bend your body down your center of gravity gets lower. In this position your both foot are strongly held on their position and your leg muscles gets tight and prevents your body to fall when weight shifts.

  • Now a day’s electric skateboards come with different riding option. Set your setting to lower speed at first so that for beginners it best to set your board speed to low so that you can get used to it first and you can increase speed gradually.
  • Some boards have a slide able button for speed. You should always increase the speed gradually and slowly so that you don’t get a sudden jerk.

Can you kick push an electric skateboard?

Kick pushing is pretty important when you are riding a normal skateboard or longboard and it is not that important when you are riding an electric skateboard.

Learning kick pushing could be very useful and life saving at some occasions. Like when you are riding your e-board and your batteries runs out in the middle of no ware kick push can save the day and you can kick push yourself to your home or where ever you are going?

Trust me it could be very helpful for you to learn how to kick push. Besides that it could save you when your battery runs out it can also help you to save your e-boards battery timing. Accelerating your board is the part when you lost the most of your battery power. And kick pushing before you throttle actually saves a great amount of battery power. Since you are not outputting as much power when you start so you actually save a lot of battery power.

How to kick push? 

To kick push you will have to put some weight on front foot or in other words you will have to push your font foot a little bit downward. After that take off your back foot slowly and put it on the road. Now gently push off the ground with the help of your back foot this will help you to move forward. After one or two kick pushes put back foot back on the board and you’re prepared to go.

The important key about kick pushing is always put your front foot straight in the direction where you are going is that your toes pointing towards the front of your board is that the front tip of your board.

Another important key while kick pushing is to distribute your weight perfectly between your legs and you will be riding smoothly.

Braking : Now that you have learned how to accelerate your board now it’s time for you to learn how to stop.

Braking on an electric skateboard is essentially the inverse of accelerating. Like while accelerating your weight shifts backward but while applying brakes on an electric skateboard your weight shifts forward.

To counter this sudden shift of weight you will have to shift your weight a little bit backward by bending your knees a little bit more than that of your actual position and lean your body a little bit backward in this way your centre of gravity will be lowered. By this you will be able to apply breaks successfully without falling forward.

Do not apply brakes too hard. If you apply your brakes too hard you won’t be able to counter sudden weight change and you’ll conclusion up flying since the board stops immediately. So I will suggest you to apply brakes by pushing the trigger on your remote control slowly. So that the board stops gradually and slowly and you don’t end up flying.

Foot braking on an electric skateboard:

Foot breaking is also pretty important like kick pushing while using a simple skateboard. Personally I also do not think that you need to apply foot break while riding an electric skateboard.

But you should also know how to apply brakes with your foot for emergency purposes. Sometimes installed brakes inside your e-board do not work that efficiently.

There is a small chance that it happens but in technology you never know what is going to happen, your brakes could fail out of nowhere and you can end in hospital or you can forget to charge your remote batteries which means no brakes for these circumstances you must learn how to foot brake.

How to foot brake?

Foot breaking is pretty close to that of kick pushing. Just like kick pushing slide your front foot straight so that your toes are pointing towards front of your board and then bring your back foot down gently on the ground and drag, so it produces friction between your foot and ground. Use this method make your speed slow gradually and to the point where makes you stop.

Remember does not use back foot to stop you immediately. It could be fatal for you and you can eventually fall. So keep practicing it on your board until you get comfortable with your board.

Making turns and carve :  Making turns and carving is the most fun thing about skateboarding or electric skateboarding. We all know without carving skateboarding will be no fun. Carving and turning isn’t that difficult once you know how to accelerate and apply brakes on your board.

This is important for you to know that each board has different turn mechanics. The board which is shorter turns much sharper than that of the board which is longer in length.

But in electric skateboarding turning depends up on the snugness of the trucks which influence the versatility of your board. You can modify the tightness of the trucks to change the mobility of boards. You can choose how fast you want the turning or how hard you want the turning

This is the exact reason which makes your experience of electric skateboarding great. Toeside turn and heelside turn are the two kinds of turns in the language of skateboarding.

Toeside turn: to make a toeside turns shift your weight to your toes gently. Like on the off chance that your position is regular you turn right after you move your weight towards your toes (left foot in the front). And it is totally opposite if your position is goofy. As you move your weight forward so it is additionally known as frontside turn.

Heelside turn:  to make a heelside turns shift your weight to your heels gently. Like on the off chance that your position is regular you turn left after you move your weight towards your heels (left foot in the front). And also it is totally opposite if your stance is goofy. As you shift you weight backward so it is additionally known as backside turn.

Carving: Carving is just an extension of turning. It is one level forward than that of simple turning. ‘Carving is the method of weaving your board in a zigzag manner or in a side to side manner making a shape “S”. If you want to feel you board properly you should know how to carve while riding or it is no fun in riding an electric skateboard.

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How do you carve on a skateboard?

Carving on a board is a great way to put your speed in check. To carve you want to make sure that you are bending your knees and shift your weight side to side while moving.

If your stance is regular then to carve left you want to lean back towards you heels. Now return to the center of your board and then lean forward to your toes to carve right. Now repeat this step again and again and you are good to go.

After some practice you would be able to execute nice wide turns and with a little bit more practice you will be able to do faster and tighter carve which gives a wavy type of vibe. Always remember use your whole body while carving.

Always keep your head straight towards the path you want to follow. Remember your body always follows your eyes. So keep your eyes towards your destination other then looking in your surroundings.

Practice :  Practice is the only way of getting better at using your board. Practice is the best way to knowing your board. Get used to your board by spending more and more time riding your board. Some people want to get better at skateboarding without practicing. But trust me you cannot get better at riding your skateboard.

Just feel your board. Feel it’s every move. Its turning, braking, acceleration and most importantly master how to carve. Once you get to know your board better it will felt like an extension of your body. And you will be able to ride it better than ever.

I would personally recommend you to practice somewhere safe where you can ride freely and safely. An empty parking lot is an ideal place for practicing. And remember never ride your electric skateboard during rain or on mud.

Now that you have practiced and you are comfortable with your board you are ready to carve on the streets. Have fun!

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn be doing them”

Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics

Safety and equipment

Last but not least tip that you need to follow while riding an electric skateboard. As you know while riding an electric skateboard you could reach pretty high speed as electric skateboard can reach up to 28 mph.

At this speed you should be prepared for the worst case scenario. Because doesn’t matter how good you are at riding an electric skateboard. The rest of the world is still out there to get you. Because when riding on the roads other vehicles are still out there.

I must say riding an electric skateboard can be dangerous and unsafe because as I have told you before you never know what could happen with technology.

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”

Christian Lous Lange, Historian

  • Safety equipments: the first that comes in safety or for protecting yourself is helmet. Helmet can reduce your chances of getting head injury exponentially. This is the most important safety equipment. You should also wear equipments like knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. But some people are there who feel a little bit insecure while using these equipments while riding they can use an armored jackets that specifically made for skateboarding that you can order easily online.

“Helmet use is associated with odds reductions of 51% for head injury, 69% for serious head injury, 33% for face injury and 65% for fatal head injury. Injuries to the neck were rare and not associated with helmet use,” the study found.

  • Sunglasses: While riding an electric skateboard you can also use shades or sunglasses. When you are riding in day sunlight your eyes can damaged by the longer exposure in sunlight. I will highly recommend you to wear shades to protect your eyes from dust and rays of sunlight. And with a plus point it also looks cool when you wear it while riding, so why shouldn’t you wear it.
  • Think ahead: always think five or six steps ahead when you are riding an electric skateboard. This way you will always know that when you will have to make a turn or apply brakes when someone is coming from behind or from front. You will ask question that how can you think ahead. It’s simple you should always observe your surroundings more often. Then will be no situation that you can’t handle. I will say it again always think ahead.
  • Charging: always remember to charging you board batteries and your remote control batteries before going out. Other then this also keep a power bank with yourself while riding an electric skateboard. I have said this many times before and I will say it again you never know what could happen with technology. What if your batteries run out, for this kind of situation you must always carry a power bank with you while riding so that you charge your board and reach your home riding rather then carrying your home all the way home.
  • Repairing kit and carrying bag: always carry a bag in which you can put your board. You can easily buy skateboard sling bag where you can put your bag and can easily carry it somewhere. These bags usually have extra pockets where you can put accessories such as power bank, sound box or your repairing kit which you can use tight some nuts or screws when needed. And also can be used tight your trucks to change the mobility of your board. These things could be very useful when needed.
  • Be seen: always make yourself seen most of the car drivers or people passing by probably have never even seen an electric skateboarder before so they will not know how fast these things could go. And ride around cars and crowded area carefully and slowly. Always yell out or wave your hand to let them know that you are passing by. Because you don’t want someone idiot to bump into you just because he didn’t saw you. Always point to the direction you want to turn. At night you could install any kind of light in your board so that people could see you.
  • Ride at safe places: do not ride at place that are wet or full of mud avoid those areas that are bumpy because it is not good for your board and also for you as well. Also do not ride when there is raining because water could affect you board batteries and also it is unsafe for you to ride in rain because then roads are slippery and you can get hurt.

These were all important tips that you should follow next time when you are hoping on your board.

How to Ride an Electric Skateboard – Final Verdicts:-

At the end of the day I will say it doesn’t matter how much you spend on your board or on gear have. It doesn’t matter how little you have spend on your board. These things do matter but a little. The thing which does matter is get on the board that you have and go out there and have fun. BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY FUN IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. HAVE FUN!

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