Longboard vs Skateboard – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Skateboarding is unending fun when it meets your needs up to a higher extent. All the e-boards are designed in a specific way to meet the particular requirements. Categorizing e-boards based on your requirements is …

Longboard vs Skateboard - A Complete Buying's Guide

Skateboarding is unending fun when it meets your needs up to a higher extent. All the e-boards are designed in a specific way to meet the particular requirements.

Categorizing e-boards based on your requirements is so necessary when you’re spending your money on its purchase because different kinds of skateboarding require differently designed boards. Let’s see the difference between Longboard vs Skateboard.

Like when you need to cruise over long distances for an extended period, you must find a versatile longboard as it would offer perfect stability and fine control on long rides. But, when you are interested to perform tricks and stunts on your board, then it is better to go for an excellent Skateboard that you can manage with ease.

But, it doesn’t mean you couldn’t perform tricks on a longboard or long-distance ride on a skateboard. It is just a preference because tricks get limited on a longboard and one doesn’t find more comfort on skateboards during extension cruising.

So, when you start to discover differences between a longboard and a skateboard, you will meet with the multiple differences that could help you make the right choice as per what you want to do. In this article, you will find all the things you can search for to either go with the longboard or purchase a skateboard that could exactly give you what you want in your ride!

Differences between longboard Vs Skateboard:

There are a lot of differences between these two, but here, we will talk about the major differences that decide the way of ride it can offer.

  • Deck sizes and shapes:

One of the most prominent differences between longboard and skateboard is their decks’ designs. The word ‘longboard’ itself defines that it has a longer deck comparatively that could help to provide a comfortable and stable ride throughout your long hours cruising.

The skateboard shows Popsicle shaped deck that curved up at the end to make a concave style. The concave shape of skateboards allows the rider to get more control of their board while stunting on streets, hills, or parks. Its length is seen around 32 inches but the widths vary a lot from 6.5” (for kids) to 10” (for adults).

All the brands manufacture e-boards with different designs to give their branded ones separate identities. So also, the tails and noses of all the boards show a lot of differences in being rounded, curvy, bigger, smaller, wider, or higher!

Longboards decks are of various shapes and their length is usually 36 inches and goes up to around 42 inches that fit particularly heightened riders. All the shapes and styles are designed for a purpose to offer a specific riding experience. These are:

  • Fishtail: As the name indicates, this board comes in a fish-shaped design that is wider from the center and ends like a V-shaped tail of fish. It is best for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced riders. Looks classy, surf brashly!
  • Pintail: For easy riding, the pintail design has a flat-concave shape. Its leave-like design is more popular than others and attractive enough to impress others. The deck offers the best stability to the campus cruisers.
  • Kicktail: It is so similar to the pintail, but has more controlling features. The kicktail deck has a low grade of concave along with a kicktail to kick up the board without bending over the board that helps riders to enjoy a controlled and stable cruise.
  • Dropdown: A perfect board for Downhill riding is the DROP DOWN Longboard. It is designed in a way to provide a lower center of gravity to keep the riders’ foot sits lower than the trucks.
  • Drop Through: This design is specially made for advanced riders who want their boards lower to the ground to achieve greater stability at high speed. It features cutouts on the tail and the nose. Enjoy carving at higher speeds with a drop-through longboard!
  • Double Drop: It is the most impressive combination of drop through and drop down longboards to make the most stable “Double Drop Longboard.” Keep riders low to the ground and have the most stable ride.
  • Cruiser: The mini or campus cruisers are best to carry anywhere and best to carve in any style. Its small size fits in a backpack, gives the best control, and its kicktail splendidly provides sharp turns. Best for kids, beginners, or intermediate cruisers.
  • Twin Cut Out: These are bi-directional longboards that offer stable rides at higher speeds. Truly fantastic for freestyle and downhill riding.
  • Blunt: Blunt longboards features wider tails and noses that make them highly stable boards. Best for beginners!


  • Versatility:

When it comes to comparing the durability of both boards, longboards win the plot. Many brands design longboards with versatile material, especially the wheels and deck are made so strong that could offer a smoother ride daily for years. You don’t need to replace the deck or wheels in months on your longboard which means it could be a one-time best spent!

But, all the conditions vice versa in the case of skateboards. As skateboards are roughly used for rising in the sky, playing technical tricks like grinds, kickflips, ollies, etc., and performing stunts, its deck and wheels bear stronger impacts and that’s why usually don’t last long. One needs to replace the deck and wheels in the technical skateboards every few months for safety. The popsicle-shaped skateboards in which there is the upward nose and tail and concave deck surface, get broken sometimes when not handled properly.

  • Wheels:

There are a lot of differences we have discovered between the wheels of skateboards and longboards. Their make, size, and color vary a lot depending on the ride an e-board needs to offer to the rider.

The wheels on the longboard are made larger and soft to offer a long smoother ride. Their size usually stays in a range of 60mm-80mm, which is ideal for long-distance rides.

You can choose the extent of the wheels’ softness as per the way you will ride. From street to street, park to park, and different tracks, different levels of softness are required in wheels for a better and comfortable riding experience.

An ideal range of wheels softness on a longboard is 70A to 85A. The reason behind adding softer wheels to the longboards is the extent of grip, stability, and perfect balance it could offer on a larger platform.

Skateboards are fit with the smaller and harder wheels because the stunts and tricks could be performed better on this make. One finds a lot of choices in the market but must try to go with a recommendable size (50mm-60mm). As skateboards are not made for long-distance rides, harder wheels benefit here a lot. For performing tricks outstandingly, better to get harder wheels with your skateboard!

  • Trucks:

The base on the board where the wheels get attached is called “Trucks.” Few differences are found between the trucks on the skateboard and a longboard. Longboard trucks are often made wider to fit the size of the longboard as the wheels are also bigger. They are usually in between 150mm to 180mm axles. While the trucks on a skateboard are made narrower and rigid equaling the size of the small skateboard.

There are often inverted trucks seen on longboards, commonly called “reversed trucks.” The trucks are made more flexible on longboards to allow riders to enjoy a smoother ride on larger distances. This type of construction offers a smoother ride by increase maneuverability but is not ideal for performing technical tricks.

There are many ways through which the trucks are attached to the deck of the longboards. This shape variation is according to the ride provision by the boards and their size that fits the deck of a particular board. As per the ride you want, you can choose between the STANDARD KINGPIN TRUCKS,REVERSE KINGPIN TRUCKS, and the DUAL PIVOT TRUCKS on your board.


Standard Kingpin trucks are the most versatile trucks to offer the smoothest ride, especially in streets and parks. Not only for longboards, but it is also an ideal truck for smaller longboard cruisers. Choosing it for your street or park skateboarding would be an outstanding opportunity for you to grab.


The perfect option for all longboards is the reverse kingpin trucks. No matter to which speed you’re covering your pathway, it is highly responsive at slower speeds and offers the best balance, control, and stability at higher speeds. It is the right track if you have a wheelbase of20 inches or more than it, but it doesn’t fit well in smaller cruisers.


These trucks are supreme for slow and smaller distance riding but don’t offer a stable ride in very long-distance cruising. Its extra axis of a turn allows the rider to enjoy the most controlled and responsive turns on streets!

  • Bushings:

Bushings on skateboards usually refer to the rubber rings that turn around the truck’s kingpin. There are four bushings found on a single skateboard (2 on each truck). The main function of these bushings is to allow the riders to enjoy the most responsive turns and perfect pivoting while performing tricks.

The top bushing placed above the hanger offers smooth turns while the bottom one is an adjustable bushing in between the baseplate and hanger. One can easily loosen or tighten, as per the rider’s preference. The stiffer bushings allow outstanding tricks performance while the loosened bushings are best for street cruising.

  • Cruising:

All the skateboards and longboards are capable of offering well ride on plain streets and flat surfaces. But, if we consider enjoying the smoother ride on every kind of surface, then a longboard is a perfect choice. Although skateboards are lightweight, they don’t offer much stable ride, especially on longer cruising. However, longboards are best suited for daily cruising and transportation. They are constructed in a way that could allow riders  to have a balanced miles away carving!

  • Tricks and stunts:

As longboards are ideal for carving and transportation purposes, skateboards are superb for performing tricks and stunts. Skateboards are usually utilized by the advanced riders who love to be the expert of skateboarding by performing difficult tricks and stunts. Longboards to some extent could be used for performing small tricks, but it doesn’t manufacture in a way to stay in balance during performing in the sky.

  • Price range:

Well, the price ranges vary a lot from brand to brand, quality to quality. But, if we consider the average prices of all longboards and skateboards, we have discovered greater prices of longboards. If you want to purchase the best quality longboard with strong wheels, versatile deck, and reliable trucks then all you need to make your range is between $150 to $250. But, when you wonder same quality in skateboards, you can get it in a price range of $90 to $150. These are the ideal ranges in which you could avail the high-quality e-board for your carving or technical tricks.

  • Waterproof:

Skating in rain is somehow difficult if you don’t have a waterproof and stable board. Most of the decks become waterlogged in the rain that acquires more effort to skate on them. The glued wooden layers get detached from continuous rain and ruin the deck.

Not only the deck, but the wheels are also equally affected by rain. So, it is very necessary to have a good quality, waterproof deck along with slip-resistant wheels.

Skateboards are usually not recommendable during rainy seasons as their wheels are smaller and harder that are not capable of having a great grip. But, the longboards’ softer and larger wheels usually win in the rainy season by don’t let the rider lose his control on wet surfaces.

So, try to spend in an e-board that has a water-proof deck, and grippy wheels to let you carve on streets even during rains. Due to this reason, skateboards don’t fit well in rains, but the longboards survive!

  • Portability:

As far as portability is considered, longboards don’t fill their demands and let the skateboards become winners. The longboards are usually bulky and heavy-weighted due to their longer deck and larger wheels. They are more difficult to fit in a small backpack, and ultimately, not suitable to carry to another place. But, skateboards are lightweight and that’s why they are highly portable. One can take a skateboard to anywhere he wants to play technical tricks or stunts.

  • To learn, to ride:

Skateboarding or longboarding is not an easy sport to deal with as it requires a lot of practice and time to become an amateur first, and ultimately the pro rider! But, if we compare longboards and skateboard learning periods, it is easier to go with the longboards prior.

Longboards are best for beginners to learn how to stay balanced and take control of your body along with the board simultaneously. The large deck on longboards helps the rider to keep feet in a stable position and lean forward at multiple speeds. Furthermore, the larger and soft wheels of longboards are strong enough to defeat small obstacles, cracks, and roughness of paths to offer a smoother ride.

Conversely, the skateboard’s harder wheels are designed in such a way that couldn’t deal well with the cracks and obstacles. It often gets stuck, stops the ride, or could also result in a fall. Also, it is not easy to keep feet in balance on a small deck.

So, as a beginner, if you’re finding a board on which you could start to learn skateboarding, it is recommended to go for a longboard first. As far as you have learned commuting in the city on your longboard outstandingly and want to become an advanced one who plays technical tricks, then go towards the purchase of a skateboard and become the master of skateboarding!

  • Safety:

As your safety must be your foremost priority, don’t rush ever to purchase a skateboard when you are a beginner or just have learned longboarding. Longboards are comparatively much safer than skateboards. It vastly absorbs shocks and ensures the safety of the rider. Technical skaters are more prone to injuries as they play with the sky and talk with the birds.

So, keep on learning on your safer vehicle “the longboard” until and unless you become confident that you take control of the less safe skateboard. Must assure that you are wearing protective wear during playing this sport!

  • Speed:

To take control of speed and learn to maintain constant velocity is not an easy task for skaters. But, all the longboards don’t allow accelerating faster. Skateboards require a lot of pushing to speed up, especially during rolling. The longboards require more effort to get accelerated minimally, but once it speeds up, it gets easy to maintain a constant higher speed with fewer efforts.

Many Popsicle skateboards couldn’t bear at higher speeds and become unstable. It is because the make of their trucks and wheels are not designed for achieving higher acceleration. Let’s Go We Will Knew about the difference between longboarding vs skateboarding. So, if it achieves a higher speed, instability could lead the rider to face difficulty to stop the skateboard shortly. Most probably, only advanced skateboards can deal with the situation.

So, if you want a speedy ride, you should go for a longboard!

Styles of Longboard Riding:

As there are different styles of longboards described above, they also offer different riding styles based on their design. Picking a style is easy when you consider the ride you want and where you will ride. No matter what kind of ride you want; on flat surfaces to reach your destination, discovering over the mountains or down the hills, you will surely get the category that will best suit your riding style. These are multiple longboards riding styles including:

  • Downhill Longboarding:

Downhill longboarding only suits the expert riders who have full control on ‘speed.’ This kind of longboarding style is all about bombing hills at the highest speeds. Maintaining speed and stability by defeating wind velocity is the main target of this style.

  • Freeride Longboarding:

Freeride longboarding usually fits well to the pro riders as it involves downhill riding with performing power slides at low to moderate speeds. Riding hills with such techniques can only happen when you have the best control on your board and stability at higher speeds. So, it is safer to do free ride longboarding for experts only who are well aware of controlling speed on bigger descents.

  • Freestyle longboarding

Freestyle longboarding is a creative style that requires much concentration to deal with multiple tricks within a single ride. In actuality, it is a pack of multiple tricks, switching within tiger claws, kickflips, cross steps, etc. This type of longboarding mainly suits beginners and intermediate riders!

  • Transportation:

Rather than riding in other vehicles, it is an ideal option to go with the longboards for reaching your daily study places, offices, parks, or others. What distance you cover in longer time in cars or bikes, you can save your time when transporting on a longboard.

The longboards have a compact construction that doesn’t stop you in traffic and you keep going smoothly towards your way. One can achieve faster speeds on longboards as per your requirement to reach a place shortly. Your feet will experience a comfortable, smoother, and natural ride due to its shock-absorbing wheels and stable longer deck. So, longboards are widely utilized for transportation purposes in a much better way than other vehicles!

  • Cruising/ Carving:

Riding on streets with responsive turns to get into a particular direction fall in this category. You can use any type of longboard to have fun around the city through wining this style, but must you have better control on your board!

  • Slalom:

Carving through longer distances with weaving in between road cones or dodging barriers refers to the Slalom riding style. One can enjoy it extensively if have the best experience on how to control the speed at every platform.

Styles of Skateboarding:

Skateboarding greatly considers for performing technical tricks and stunts in different places in different ways. So, here are some of the skateboard riding styles that most of the riders choose according to their preference, needs, or requirements.

  • Freestyle skateboarding:

With the advancement of this world, freestyle skateboarding is now getting obsolete. Freestyle skateboarding was usually performed for transportation purposes. But now as longboards have come into the market as the best transporter, freestyle skateboarding is not considered to be much safer.

  • Street skateboarding:

Street skateboarding is a unique and audience favorite riding style in which riders perform tricks around the street furniture including benches, planters, bushes, street poles, barriers, etc. As technical tricks with flipping or spinning aroundare expertly performed on harder and shorter wheels and narrow decks, street riding on board is best to be called “street skateboarding.”

  • Vert Skateboarding:

The transition of the ride from the horizontal path up to the vertical inclination is called the “Vert or Tranny skateboarding.” It is usually performed in emptied swimming pools, so also known as “pool riding.” Best for expert riders only, as stability is the main aspect to deal with while performing technical tricks.

  • Park skateboarding:

As the name indicates, park skateboarding is what style in which riding and tricking in parks and playing with its greenery. Could be adopted by intermediate riders too!

  • Stunt Kook Skateboarding:

This type of skateboarding involves stunts performed by advanced riders. Stunt Kook Skateboarding mainly includes launching off from taller buildings or jumping downstairs, etc.

Longboard pros:

There are a lot of benefits one finds in a longboard. First of all, it is a highly recommended vehicle for daily cruising, carving, and transportation that saves time and makes you reach your platform before time. It lasts longer and doesn’t need to be replaced, at least not within a year.

The longboards are ideal to go on longer distances in all weather. Even during rain, its longer waterproof deck wouldn’t ruin your fun of a joyful ride in the rain. The wheels attach to the longboards are versatile enough to go smoother over small cracks, objects, and rocks. It means that it is easier to balance, and ultimately, ‘the right option for beginners.’

Skateboard pros:

Skateboards fulfill the needs of the pro riders who love to land tricks and stunts and show their skills. Its design, particularly the wheels and deck are specific for landing tricks outstandingly. Because of its small size and lightweight, it offers high portability, to be carried anywhere in a small backpack.

As the popularity of skateboarding is increasing rapidly, the relaxing part is its price tags that are not coping with its popularity. Skateboards are less expensive as compared to longboards and help produces the masters of skateboarding for upcoming times!

Longboard cons:

When you start searching to purchase a high-quality longboard, you will find a lot of options but with expensive price tags. As it offers smoother long-distance rides, the rider couldn’t perform many technical tricks on a longboard.

Moreover, the longboards are comparatively bulkier and larger than skateboards, so it not easy to carry them with you on travel. Its popularity is less, but use is greater!

Skateboard cons:

As skateboarding exclusively means playing technical tricks, dedicated skateboarders are more prone to injuries. The deck is also short that doesn’t offer a comfortable long-distance ride like a longboard. And the wheels are not designed in a way that could let the rider feel comfortable on rough streets.

Furthermore, the wheels and deck are not long-lasting and need to be replaced. Even the skaters are required to replace their shoes on regular basis. It is also not easy to maintain speed on skateboards.

Similarities between the two:

When you get interested in learning this sport, you might want it for ease in your transportation, to enjoy discovering the city, or inspire people from your tricks. No matter for which purpose you purchase the board and ride on it, you will find for sure that “fun remains constant.” The fun doubles up when are passionate about learning and following this individualistic sport.

You can play tricks or cruise on both boards, but one of them is specific for a single type but to some extent can offer both riding styles. Almost all the parts are similar; wheels, deck, trucks, bearings, but have differences in design and way of construction.

Are you confused between the two?

Deciding on such an ample variety in the market is a daunting task. But, first, you have to decide that whether you want to purchase a skateboard or require a longboard. We have created this article to help you in making your decision easy.

If you are a beginner and want to learn this interesting sport, or want to cruise, or want a vehicle to help you for transportation purposes, or enjoying small tricks, then a “LONGBOARD” is the best choice to fulfill all your needs. Having a longer deck and softer wheels would ideally meet your long-distance, smoother ride. It concludes that it is best for beginners as well as intermediate riders!

While, if you have become a pro rider and now you are passionate about playing technical tricks, then “SKATEBOARD” must be your first and last choice. An ideal choice for master riders!

But, Fun is everlasting, whether in riding a longboard or a skateboard…

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Should I learn skateboard or longboard first?

ANS: No matter if you want to do tricks on a skateboard, you should take start from a longboard first. A longboard is safer and you can easily learn to have control on your board, maintain speed, and balance yourself. So, a longboard is an ideal option for beginners!

 Q2. Are skateboards faster than longboards?

ANS. As longboards are specifically designed for cruising/carving, and transportation purposes, it has the responsibility to help rider reach destination on time. So, longboards are faster than skateboards and you can achieve multiple speeds on them as per your needs.

Q3. Is a longboard easy to control or a skateboard?

ANS. Skateboards are not easy to get into control especially when the riders rise themselves on board to perform tricks and stunts. So in comparison, you can achieve better control on a longboard rather than a skateboard.

Q4. Is a longboard better than a skateboard?

ANS. Well, it depends on the needs and preferences of a person. Many people say that longboards are much better than skateboards, but when do we find the perspective of advanced riders, they always are in favor of skateboards.

Q5. Which board is better for intermediate riders?

ANS. As it is not a beginning, and the rider has already learned the main controlling techniques, now it’s time to play small tricks for an intermediate rider. Besides riding longer distances, longboards are also used for playing manual tricks. So, longboards are an ideal option for intermediate riders.

Q6. Why do skateboarders don’t like longboards?

ANS. The main reason because of which many skateboarders don’t like to ride on longboards is their habit of skating on skateboarding and performing in that way. Whether longboards are easy to ride, but on it, they couldn’t play technical tricks. This is why skaters don’t like longboards much!


We have tried our best to describe much of the differences between the longboard and a skateboard. We have also covered various aspects you can experience in riding with these two. We assure you that you will understand the purposes of these two boards and now you can easily decide which one is the right option for you.

So, don’t wait much to have the ultimate fun with your longboarding or skateboarding, and find out the best one that meets your needs up to a higher extent. As it is not easy to become a master skateboarder, but begin your practice with relentless efforts, and see yourself become a pro rider soon!

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